The Tadpole Chronicles

Yes, I’m most unexpectedly pregnant and the countdown has begun.

I’ll be blogging progress of my pregnancy here at Life gets in the way, and as I’m a first-timer, things could get a bit muddled and hectic, but bear with me – I’ll get there in the end! And when our tiny bundle of noise arrives, well, there’ll be all kinds of celebrating going on!

And just to avoid confusion, we won’t be finding out the sex of the baby before the birth (as our maternity hospital has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy). Also, we’ve taken to referring to our impending arrival as “Tadpole”, as when we first discoveredI was pregnant, we did some research and discovered that, at that point in pregnancy, the baby looked “something like a tadpole”. We liked it, and it stuck.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about Tadpole and my experiences as a first-time expectant mum.

Pregnancy-related posts:

The Belly Photographs (click to enlarge):

22.5 weeks       30 weeks       34 weeks       36 weeks       38 weeks

Books I’ve found useful:

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  1. tadsgrom said,

    Yes we’re all desperately awaiting little Tad’s arrival. Looking forward to the mad dash up to Aberdeen with Great Grom in tow, so are hoping that we ‘get the call’ at a time of day which gives us the chance to let folk know and to get on the road. That four hour journey will seem the longest in history, so Tad, if you’re listening, give us time to get there before you do!

    Love to all

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