One helluva crazy week!

June 28, 2008 at 6:56 am (Books and Authors, Life gets in the way...) (, , , , , , , , , )

From start to finish, this has been a pretty hectic week with highs and lows all over the place!

Monday: Sick as a dog!
The week got off to a cracking start with me feeling rather queasy when I got up on Monday morning. By the time I was walking to work, the fresh air was doing me good and I felt a little better, but by 10-o-clock, I was flushed, roasting-hot and feeling absolutely terrible. To be honest, I looked rather waxy and horrible so I got sent home pretty quick-smart. I was feeling a little better by that evening and more able to face the day come Tuesday, so I made an attempt on the second day of the week to return to work and managed to get through the day safely.

Tuesday: Meeting MacBride
On Tuesday night, I got to go to the first Posh Club Book Group meeting I’ve been able to attend in months (I’ve been missing it due to attending my short-hand evening class on Tuesday nights until earlier this month when it finally finished – hurrah!) and we would be discussion the latest book by one of my favourite authors, Stuart MacBride, who writes gritty crime thrillers set in Aberdeen. As if that weren’t exciting enough for me, Stuart MacBride himself had agreed to join us and talk about his books and writing in general – I was in seventh heaven at just the thought of it!

Macbride was wonderful – he was friendly and personable, open and earnest, and it was a joy being able to discuss not just his latest book but the previous ones and his future plans too. At the end of the night, after asking about a gazillion questions, I asked him if he would mind signing my copy of Flesh House (his latest novel) and he wrote in it, “To Kell, Good luck on the thing growing in your tummy…” which had me laughing like a loon. Such a nice guy!

Wednesday: Shock Announcement
On Wednesday mornings the Chief Executive has a video conference with all his Area Managers (the Directors are also in attendance, but they work in the same building so they’re physically present). However, after the meeting this week, the Chief called us all into his office and made a shock announcement – he had just handed in his resignation! He was quick to point out that he is NOT retiring (despite being almost 62) but that he hasn’t yet decided what he’ll be doing when he goes in a few months’ time (he’ll be staying in the position till October/November).

I have to admit, there were a few tears in my eyes that were not entirely due to me being pregnant and hormonal, and I wasn’t the only one. The Chief is a lovely guy and a great boss – he’ll be a very sad loss to the Council which has just received an extremely positive audit (so he’s leaving on a high, rather than a low!). Things are going to be very different without him…

Thursday: Almost-Driving Dale
Dale passed hs driving theory test with flying colours, despite managing to convince himself that he would fail dismally. I, on the other hand, was very certain he’d sail through it and I was proven right – hurrah! It gave him a major confidence boost and I think it was just what he needed. We’ll be going car hunting this Sunday, as he’s anxious to get our own car as soon as possible so he can practice in it while he’s taking lessons and get as confident as possible before Tadpole arrives.

Friday: A leaving “do”
Friday saw the departure of my other boss – the PA to the Chief Executive – who is taking very early retirement. It was rather emotional as she is also a wonderful person and a fantastic boss – our team is very close! So, yesterday afternoon we had a big send-off “do” with many colleagues coming along from all over the council to say their farewells to someone who has been a major part of the Council for 15 years now.

Afterwards everyone headed off for a few drinks (I went home and got changed, missing out the “drinks session” section of the affair) and then headed to a nice restaurant for a meal too. The food was lovely but it took forever to arrive. We were seated shortly after 7.30pm and not everyone ordered a starter, but the main course didn’t get served until 9.10pm, by which time I (who was one of the starter-less folks) was absolutely starving! Anyway, the beef stroganoff tasted very nice, but wasn’t particularly hot (which was a shame) and because I had waited so long to eat, I could barely even manage half of it – I’d passed hunger and gone to the other side.

I had a taxi coming to pick me up at 10pm and it wasn’t a second too soon as I was exhausted (both physically and emotionally) and I fell into bed within minutes of arriving home, feeling slightly sick. A sad end to a very sad day.

Saturday: Surprise delivery
I had originally planed to meet the girls for a cuppa and catch-up this morning, but had to cancel as Argos were delivering our bedroom furniture this morning – I had been told to expect a phone call half an hour before their arrival and so I set my alarm for 7am, thinking that would give me plenty time to get dressed and make myself presentable for their arrival.

Not so.

At 6.25am the door buzzer rang. “Argos with a delivery for you!”

I was not only still in bed, but naked and still in bed! So now I had to leap around like a maniac (well, waddle around like a pregnant maniac!) throwing on a few clothes so I could let them in. I thought perhaps my alarm had failed to go off and it was maybe 9am or something, but no – the clock was right – it was only 6.25am! To say I was a little annoyed is an understatement. Yes, I was glad to get our furniture, but I was (and still am) feeling a little sick from the night before and being rudely awoken at such a stupid hour on a Saturday wasn’t what I was expecting.

So, even though I no longer have to wait for the delivery guys, I still won’t be going out as I’m now feeling particularly gross and tired – unfortunately I’m one of those people who can’t just go back to bed once they’re up, so sleeping is out of the question for me right now. Instead I shall sit here and complain. Grrrr!

So, an emotional roller-coaster ride this week from start to finish. Fortunately I have next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off work and, since I have an antenatal appointment on Thursday afternoon, I’ll only be working the morning that day too – plenty of time to recover from this week’s excitement – I hope!


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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings…

June 11, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Life gets in the way...) (, , , , , , , )

… Well, I’m technically not fat, just pregnant, but I am huge so I’m clearing my throat and bursting into song! Why? It’s finally all over – my shorthand evening class has finished an entire week earlier than I was expecting and I’m bloody jubilant about it!

What’s more, I spoke to the lecturer and he said I had done exceedingly well, so I’m chuffed to ribbons. I’ll be receiving my college certificate, saying I’ve completed the course, in the next few weeks (probably anything up to about six weeks) and, providing I also passed my external speed exam, I should get that certificate around that time too.

I am MEGA pleased to have my Tuesday nights back again – and to be able to attend a few more Posh Club meetings before a small screaming person takes over my life!

On a completely separate and frustrating note, my computer has just gone all schizoid and lost all my on-line favourites. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who uses all her favourites a lot but could not possibly tell you what even half of them are. All lost. All gone. Kind of takes the wind out of my sails.

Bloody crappy computer. Bah!

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