Past Reading Challenges

Each year I set myself a reading challenge. Some of them are short-term, some that will take up the whole year, and some that are longer-ranging challenges that will take several (if not many) years to complete. However, some of them do get completed (the shorter ones, for example!), but I don’t like to lose track of the accomplishments, so, rather than banish them to the netherworld of blogs past, I keep them here as a reminder of the books I read and enjoyed (or hated, and the ones about which I felt rather ambivalent too), in the hopes that when I need a pick-me-up or perhaps my reading mojo is on the fritz, I can look backand think, “Yeah, I set out to do that and I did it!”.

And if it inspires others to try something similar (or even completely different!), then that’s all good too!

Past Reading Challenges:


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