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June 29, 2009 at 3:15 pm (Baby) (, , )

29.06.09 - Zonked outZonked out whilst listening to his mobile this afternoon

Lately we seem to be completely swamped with Proud Mummy Moments (or PMMs) as Xander is coming along in leaps and bounds:

– Xander now goes to sleep some time between 7pm and 7:15pm and we rarely hear a peep from him until around 4.30am when Dale gets up for work, which reminds Xander that he hasn’t eaten in HOURS so he wants some milk and a cuddle, after which he goes back to sleep again.

– Naptimes are now far easier too as we know roughly what time and how long he’ll sleep. He lies down some time between 9am and 9.30am and will sleep for anything between 45 minutes and two hours! He then lies down again at some point between 1pm and 2pm (usually around 1.30pm, to be honest) and will sleep for anything between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours, depending on how long he slept at his morning nap.

– He eats pretty much anything we give him so he’s now on four solid meals a day! At breakfast he has some cereal and occasionally will also eat a little bit of toast. At lunch time he’ll have a savoury course (usually a pasta meal of some kind), followed by a small amount of a sweet (usually a fromage frais) and some finger foods (such as bread or a small sandwich of Dairylea or peanut butter). At dinner time he’ll have a little bit of whatever we’re having, so it’s usually a meat and veg affair and he loves all his vegetables, in particular carrots and fine beans! Then at supper time, he gets porridge made with breast milk. He easts all this with a minimum of fuss and very little faffing around, especially when we’re out and about. I have absolutely no qualms about taking him out to very nice places for lunch as he’s very well behaved and eats nicely! We also give him the spoon with the last little bit of food on it to pop it in his mouth himself. It usually goes straight in!

– His lunch time and afternoon milk is now expressed breast milk from a sippy cup and he can pretty much manage this himself now, although he needs a hand once the level of the milk gets lower, and we tend to keep close to him or he waves it around and decorate everything a lovely shade of milk, much to his delight!

– He loves having his teeth brushed and we do this after every meal. He even likes to have a go at brushing them himself, so he gets to finish off with his little toothbrush before he hands it over to be put away.

– Xander can now say “Mama”, “Dada” and “Nana”. He’s also often heard to say “Ey-yo!” when people appear, so we can only presume he’s trying to say hello, as we say it so often to him!

– He loves to wach Top Gear and makes “Brrrrm-brrrrm” noises when the cars are being driven!

– Xander’s favourite book is “Where’s Spot”. He lifts all the flaps and turns the pages himself, and when we get to the monkey in the wardrobe, often joins in with (or sometimes actually initiates!) the “Ooh-ooh, aah-aah” noise that Daddy uses to accompany that page.

– The other day, he decided to wave goodbye to Justin (the presenter on Something Special on CBeebies) and has since then waved to Daddy a couple of times when saying goodnight.

– As we watch Something Special every day, I sign along with the presenters in order that Xander can pick up some Makaton sign language. The other afternoon, he looked at his sippy cup, looked at me, then signed “Drink”. When I handed him his cup, he gulped it down! He’s signed “Drink” twice since then.

– Xander is now properly mobile! A few days ago he commando crawled about 12 inches to get to a toy, but then refused to do it again. Yesterday, however, he went about a foot again chasing Daddy’s bottle of juice, and today he’s been zooming around all over the living room!

– This afternoon, when we put him down for his nap, he was still wide awake when Daddy left the room. A few minutes later, we heard music. Xander had switched on his mobile (you have to press the “on” button twice in quick succession to do this) which no longer has the hanging section on it, but the music bit is still attached to the side of his cot. He obviously fancied a bit of music to help him drift off!

And of course, on top of all this, he’s a happy, giggly, smiley, kissy, cuddly little boy who is a delight to be around, He loves nothing more than dancing and “singing” along to music and seems to find the sight of Mummy in the kitchen hilarious for some reason. He plays well with his little friend, Sonny (who is 3 weeks younger than him) and loves to have his face tickled and to look at his books. I’m so proud of my lovely little boy that I could burst!



  1. Michelle said,

    I don’t think I like you any more Kell.. how comes you get the perfect baby?!! :0P

    I think you soon need to have another one.. as they are often very different! lol

  2. Nici said,

    Aw Kell, I just love reading your posts about Xander.

    It sounds like he is growing up to be a little cracker and I have to say congratulations to you for being such a great mum!


  3. kell1976 said,

    Michelle – Oh, he’s far from perfect, believe me – LOL! He gets very frustrated if he can’t communicate what he wants and SCREAMS about it. He’s also very grabby and scratchy at the moment, and if he gets a hold of you hand, he’ll sink his teeth into you! We’re trying to curb all that at the moment, hence the Makaton to help with communication even before he can speak properly, and we’re being very firm about the grabby/scratchy/bitey stuff too – lots of “No!” and holding his hand down at his side so he gets the message. And I’d LOVE to have another one ASAP, but Dale wants to wait till we have a house – which could be the 5th of never at this rate and I don’t want to leave it too late!

    Nici – Thanks – it’s hard work, but he’s worth every second of it. And yes, he’s a proper little cracker – we’re very lucky! He seems to be working everything out all at once so it’s a whole snowball effect of accomplishments at the moment!

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