The drinks are on Xander!

June 4, 2009 at 9:33 pm (Baby) (, , , )

Got Milk?

Today saw something of a milestone for Xander – for the first time ever, he drank his milk, all by himself, from his sippy cup with no help from me at all! OK, I helped a little bit, just to get him started, but after that, he managed perfectly well on his own. He spilled a little bit down his front, but that’s no big deal – the big deal is he can now do it for himself – hurrah!

I’m so proud I could just burst!


And the other pictures, below, were taken on Sunday when we had a family trip to the park. Xander had a lovely time playing with his toys and also had a go on the swings  (on my knee) and loved it!

Fun in the sun!


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  1. Sandy said,

    Aw! Podling still is having issue with the cup. We are working on it though.

    Glad to hear you guys are doing well! When I can sit down and write I will send you a letter! LOL

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