April 4, 2009 at 8:41 pm (Baby) (, , )

After refusing point blank to eat anything remotely lumpy, and even turning up his nose at smooth stuff all day today, Xander surprised us both at supper time.

Dale had ordered pizza, cheesy garlic bread and breaded chicken goujons and handed some over to me. Xander showed some interest in what was going in my mouth while he was sitting on my knee, so I broke off a little of the garlic bread and, when he opened his mouth for it, popped it inside. To our amazement, he started gumming it to pieces and then swallowed it! So I gave him a little more – same response. I then decided to see what he would do with a bit of the chicken. His eyes lit up as he gummed away the small morsel I’d given him, and another swiftly followed!

I think perhaps I’ll just keep sitting him on my knee after his own food and trying him with the larger lumps from my own plate for a while and see what he does…


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  1. Sandy said,

    it is worth a shot. Podling is neither here nor there with eating. I feed her baby food, but she is more than happy to get her bottle, so she always gets a small bottle after eating. She does like mashed potatoes…so I am going to start giving her that…and I just gave her some baby food with eggs in it…so I will start giving her those too. Think about it…baby food is actually bland…it doesn’t surprise me if they want REAL food! LOL

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