Roly-Poly Boy!

April 2, 2009 at 10:34 pm (Baby) (, , )

Xander – just after his rolling-over trick!

For ages now, Xander has been rolling onto his side from his back but getting stuck there and just jiggling his legs about, but tonight we hit something of a major milestone: Tonight, while getting Xander ready for bed, he rolled right over from his back onto his tummy! He wasn’t reaching for anything and no amount of enticing him with toys could persuade him to repeat his new trick, but I’m sure that now he’s done it once, he’ll be doing it again very soon…

I’m so proud I could burst!


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  1. Sandy said,

    NICE! We were excited when Podling started rolling over too! 😀 Just wait until he starts crawling!

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