How lovely – an award!

December 8, 2008 at 11:26 am (Memes) (, )


A little while ago, my good friend, Sandy, alerted me to the fact that she had given me the Kreativ Blogger Award – at the time I was snowed under and put off “doing my bit” and then, due to being snowed under, forgot about it! However, now that I’m getting caught up a little bit, I remembered and thought I’d do the award thing now (and thank Sandy profusely for giving me the award in the first place!).

Anyway, I am apparently supposed to list six things I like, so here goes:

  1. That time between about 8.30am and 9am when Xander gets all smiley and giggly and wants to play – I love that!
  2. Snuggling on the sofa under a blanket with Dale and Xander when it’s cold in the evenings.
  3. The look on Xander’s face when he’s finished feeding – he looks so sleepy and satisfied.
  4. Finding the time to finish a really good book.
  5. Finding the time to have a really good soak in the tub.
  6. Finding the time to have a snooze.

And now to nominate six blogs for the award:

  1. Creative Rainbows
  2. Sitting on a Cornflake
  3. In the Wee Hours
  4. As Usual, I Need More Book Shelves
  5. Words and Pictures
  6. Somewhere in the Distance


  1. ruth72 said,

    Kell, I’m very touched and flattered to be nominated – thank you!

  2. Sandy said,

    YW … You are a new mom…of course you will forget about things! LOL

    Dh calls that sleepy look after eating “milk drunk” since that’s what it looks like. Podling’s eyes kinda roll back in her head for a while like she is high if I don’t move her! LOL Then I have to move and she wakes right back up.


  3. kell1976 said,

    LOL – we call it milk drunk too!

  4. Sandy said,

    Got your gift in a DH needs to get it to the post office…hopefully you will get it before Christmas. LOL 🙂

  5. Sandy said,

    Hi Kell…Your box is in the mail! You should get it within the week! Merry Christmahanakwanzaka!

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