Welcome to Real Mum-dom

October 29, 2008 at 9:18 pm (Baby) (, , , )

Sleeping peacefull in in his new outfit
– right before me managed to soak it with spraying wee during a nappy change!

This is it – I’ve officially graduated from “New Mum” to “Real Mum”. Why? I’ll tell you:

  • I’m existing on approximately 4 broken hours of sleep in any given 24-hour period (if I’m lucky);
  • I shoogle the shopping trolley in the supermarket even though Xander is in his pushchair and Dale is pushing it;
  • I speak in high-pitched tones to grown-ups – even those I don’t actually know personally;
  • I jiggle whatever I happen to be holding as if I’m soothing Xander;
  • I have been sicked-up on, wee’d on and poo’d on;
  • I spend my days trying to work out what any given cry means, whether it means Xander has a wet or dirty nappy (and I don’t even mind the stinkiest of those!), needs to be fed, needs to be burped, is tired, is too hot, too cold, or just plain cranky;
  • My boobs constantly feel like watermelons – in size, shape and weight – and leak like crazy all the time;
  • I permanently smell of breastmilk and baby;
  • I have got my shower routine down to under 10 minutes (and that includes washing my hair) despite being someone who used to spend upwards of an hour soaking in the bathtub;
  • I grab food as and when I can – usually hours after I initially feel hungry and always after seeing to Xander being fed first;
  • I never know what day it is from one day to the next and never have five minutes to myself;
  • And I’ve never been happier!

OK, so we’re still trying to get into a routine, but we’re getting there…



  1. Sandy said,

    Hehe Welcome to the club! 🙂

    And when you stop smelling of baby and milk…you will miss the smell actually. 😉

  2. Michelle said,

    Yep, we’ve all been there! {grin} Make the most of it, you’ll miss it when it’s passed!

  3. kimmikat said,

    I was so used to having a pram or pushchair always with me, that several times when out on my own, (which didn’t happen often…but if hubby was babysitting while I went down to the shops), I’d walk halfway home and suddenly think….’Oh God! I’ve left the baby inside the co-op!’ and charge back at full speed, get there and no pram…a few seconds of absolute PANIC and then the sudden realisation that baby was at home Doh!
    You’ve lots of fun to come yet. Give Xander a kiss from his Auntie Susie. I’ll be along to see you both again soon.
    Take care,
    lots of hugs,
    S xx

  4. kell1976 said,

    Will do, Susie – we’ll look forward to it! 🙂

  5. Sandy said,


    We used to do that with Babyhead when we would have a date night. We got soo used to having him in the car with us that when we went out without him we would have a moment of panic when he wasn’t in the backseat! LOL You do get used to them being around after a while and then miss them when they are gone. 🙂

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