Four Weeks Old Already!

October 22, 2008 at 1:41 pm (Baby) (, , , , )

Sleepy “Bruce Willis” smile – I wonder what he’s dreaming!

I can’t believe it – Xander is now four whole weeks old – where on earth is the time going? We haven’t quite got a routine yet, but we’re approaching something that vaguely resembles it. Our days work something like this:

6.30am – feed Xander
7.45am – Have a quick shower and get dressed whilst Xander sleeps
9.30am – Xander wakes up and demands a top-up
10.15am – grab a little breakfast while Xander naps
11.00am – Feed Xander again and then play
1.30pm-ish – feed Xander again then he sleeps
4pm-ish – Feed Xander again, then he dozes
6pm-ish – Feed Xander while Dale has something to eat and then hand Xander to Dale while I eat, then entertain Xander
8.30pm-ishBath time
8.45pm – Feed Xander then put him down to bed (I also go to bed)
11.30pm-ish – Feed Xander and then put him back to bed
3.00am – feed Xander
Completely fail to get him to settle for longer than about 20 minutes at a time till about

-ish – when he’ll have a small top-up feed and then sleep

On alternate Thursday mornings I have to take him to the doctors’ surgery to see the Health Visitor and get weighed between 10am and 12pm, and roughly every other day or so we take a trip outside just to the shops or somewhere nearby after his lunchtime feed.

Xander is really coming along leaps and bounds now – he’s holding his head up for longer periods, especially when we have him on our shoulders for burping or for a cuddle, and he follows us with his eyes when we move in front of him.

Holding his head up at 3 weeks 5 days

Over the course of the last week or so, he’s found his thumb a couple of times and also held and shook his rattle a few times too. Also, as you can see from the photograph, we managed to capture a proper smile from him the other day too.

Big, cheesy grin!

His legs are so strong that he pushes himself up the changing mat and scoots backwards, and his grip is very strong too – he’ll get us in a strangle hold around the neck and refuse to let go of my necklace until I prise it from his fingers!

We get quite a few visitors too – afternoons are usually best as it gives me a chance to make sure I’m showered and dressed and have a chance of putting on some makeup to make myself presentable!

Today my new breast feeding pillow arrived and the feed we had directly after its arrival was far easier and more comfortable for my back. I might even be able to feed him cradle-fashion instead of having him under my arm like a little rugby ball at this rate! Xander’s thrush seems to be gone too, but I’m going to complete his course of medicine (I think it’ll be finished after today anyway) just to be sure. He’s been very good about not spitting it out despite the fact that it’s clear he doesn’t like how it tastes at all (it smells rather pleasantly of banana and marzipan). I think it has disagreed with his little tummy though, as we’ve had some very explosive nappies during the time since we started giving the medicine to him. I’m hoping that will settle down again once the course is finished. I also think I’ll nip along to get him weighed tomorrow morning (despite not having to till next week) just to see how he’s doing.

And I weighed myself the other day – I was pleased to discover I’m only about 11lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight, which is pretty good considering I haven’t been able to do any proper exercise yet due to the C-section (I’m supposed to wait till after my six week check before starting up a light exercise programme).

Overall, we’re tired but very happy. Dale has another week off work after this one, but then he’s back to his rounds again. Not sure how that’s going to affect our tentative routine – I’m used to having him around in the mornings to help out if Xander wakes up while I’m in the shower or to help get Xander settled after a feed when I still stink of milk and it agitates the little chap.

We’re getting there – slowly, but surely!



  1. Sandy said,

    I am glad things are going well. It is always hard when you have help to all of a sudden lose that help to work! LOL DH was with me for the first month with Babyhead too and I was scared to death! But, we managed (Babyhead is almost 4 yrs old now!). After the first day or two you will get into a routine of just the two of you and Dale will be jealous bc then X will be a Momma’s boy all the time! Tell him not to worry though, soon enough X will want Dale if for nothing more than a jungle gym. 😀

  2. Michelle said,

    Oh my.. I’d love to know what that little dream was about! :0)

    I agree with Sandy.. you’ll find your own little routine, and will be fine.

  3. kell1976 said,

    Can’t believe it – went to get him weighed today and he’s already 10lbs!!!

  4. Sandy said,

    They grow fast! Take lots of pictures and enjoy every minute you can. Once it is gone you won’t get it back. 😦 I have been taking a few minutes everyday just to enjoy everything about Podling…I just LOVE the way she smells! LOL With Babyhead I didn’t get that chance bc of PPD…I hate that I can’t remember him this little. 😦

  5. sleepygirl said,

    So cute! And don’t worry, your routine will iron itself out without your help!

    Oh, I tagged you. Go and check out my blog for all the info! 🙂

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