Shortcut to Yummy Mummy-ness?

October 15, 2008 at 4:21 pm (Life gets in the way...) (, , )

Well, I’ve gone and done it now – I’ve decided to take drastic action on my post-baby belly. No, I’m not getting a tummy tuck – the idea of further abdominal surgery after my C-section isn’t something that appeals to me – but I have heard of a non-surgical aid to reducing the swelling, giving support to the abdominal muscles and improving posture (which should help with the headaches!).

Despite Dale professing not to mind how my body looks now that I’ve carried our son to full-term and had him cut out of me (apparently he still finds me sexy, which is a relief!), I have persuaded him to  buy me a Belly Bandit – a  wrap that  professes to help get your belly back down a bit in size. And I’m not alone in  giving it a try – apparently all the celebrity Moms are giving it a try too – and if it’s good enough for Angelina Joli, it’s good enough for me!

I’ll let you all know how I get on with it, but seeing as how I have a wedding to attend in about a month’s time, I hope to have some positive results by then!



  1. Sandy said,

    Lol. Let me know how it works. 🙂 My biggest issue is that Babyhead stretched my skin out to the point it just sags so the only thing that will help is surgery…Podling did her best to stretch it out even more (I have stretch marks up to my boobs). But I am always on the look out for something that will make me look nice under clothes. 🙂

  2. kell1976 said,

    LOL – my tummy currently looks like a loaf of tiger bread – all stripy! I know they’ll fade in time, but the jelly-belly thing is something I desperately want to get shot of. I can’t do any proper exercising till 6 weeks after the C-section, so till then I’ll do whatever I can to help sort it out and get it a bit flatter (only 3 more weeks to go till I can start using my gym equipment, but will I have the time or energy?!).

  3. Sandy said,

    hehe. I know with Babyhead I didn’t feel like doing anything even after I was cleared at 6 weeks. With Podling I was chomping at the bit to do SOMETHING. There really is no way to know for sure, but remember to take it easy. I know that both times it was difficult to do some things because of pulling around my scar or my stomach would just ache. Just start slow and work you way up. Remember, you just had MAJOR SURGERY not long ago. People tend to forget that. 🙂

  4. kell1976 said,

    Yes, I’m still very conscious of my scar, despite it healing very well so far. If I stand up or roll over too quickly, it pulls a little and feels uncomfortable. I’m still occasionally taking paracetamol, but only really first thing in the morning and last thig at night. I’m also picking up just a little light housework, like some occasional laundry (although Dale is still doing the majority of things around the house, bless him!). Apparently this Belly Bandit thing can also help with C-sections as it offers extra support, so that can only be a good thing. You’d think they’d promote that kind of thing in the hospital after your surgery, wouldn’t you?!

  5. Sandy said,

    That is weird because both of my c-sections they gave me a support belt. A wide piece of elastic that attaches around with velcro… they don’t give you one? That is really weird…but maybe it is a country thing…or even a regional thing. I have seen them for sale elsewhere so I have to wonder if I was just lucky that both hospitals offered them. I LOVED them!! The first surgery they gave me one that day, this last one I asked for one as their policy was to wait until the 2nd day to give them out. It helps hold everything in place so it doesn’t pull so much…I wore mine for quite a number of weeks off and on.

    It sucks you didn’t get one!! Those make life sooo much easier! 🙂 In that case, I would definitely keep it (or get another one that isn’t fancy) in case you decide to have another baby. A friend of mine had her last kid natural and she wished she could have had something like that…so if you have another you will be more prepared! Had I known you wouldn’t get a belt I would have suggested it to you earlier!!!

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