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Xander in his buggy, yesterday

My Mam, Step-Dad, Step-Sister and Step-Niece were up visiting for the weekend, so our newly developing schedule was partially interrupted by lots of visiting and a trip into town with family (Leni came into town too). Xander was fed just before we left, giving us a good couple of hours before he was due to wake up and feed again, and he seemed to like being in the car as he fell right asleep.

We had a little bother, initially, getting the buggy all set up as Dale had done it previously and he was staying home on this occasion to get a little rest from our sleepless night the on Friday. Once we’d got everything worked out, however, we were off!

I ended up getting a matching keepsake box and album from Mothercare. The box isn’t huge but it’s a nice enough size and all but one of the cards we got fit into it nicely. It also has little boxes inside for baby’s hospital ID bracelet, first curl and first tooth. Also got a couple of lovely photo frames from Boots. I also got hold of some more breast pads (I get through them pretty fast with my milk flow!) and some Lansinoh cream for my nipples (which get a little dry and sore as Xander seems to feed an awful lot at the moment!).

Xander’s bath last night went very well – his first one without screaming the place down (although he cried a little at the end) and he actually had a little bit of a splash about in there and seemed to be getting the hang of enjoying it a little. This morning he briefly found his thumb and sucked at it heartily for about a minute before realising he wasn’t getting any milk from it and complaining loudly till he got the booby back a few seconds later!

Dinner time!

I think Xander might be hitting a growth spurt as he’s spent all morning feeding until about 11.45am when he suddenly went to sleep. I’m hoping he’ll be down for a little while as I’ve had a headache all last night that has lasted into today. It looked like it might be turning into a migraine earlier on but it eased off a little bit and is more bearable now. All I’m taking is paracetamol, which isn’t a great deal of help, but I prefer to take as little as possible while I’m breast feeding (I prefer not to take pills if I can help it at the best of times anyway, but now I have even more of a reason to try and avoid them!). I had on one of those headache cool strips last night but it didn’t make any difference at all this time. Ah well, life goes on, eh? And when you’ve got a little’un to look after it kind of takes your mind off other things a little bit till he settles again and you feel the pain again – LOL!

Playing with Daddy this morning



  1. Sandy said,

    There is nothing more precious than a fuzzy baby head. 😉

    I have a shoebox for Podling’s keepsakes at the moment. I can’t find a nice box that I like for her stuff yet. I put her hospital bracelet and her hat that they gave her in there (same with Babyhead’s box) as well as cards, a copy of her birth announcement, binky they gave her in the hospital, the name plates they had on her bassinet…that kind of thing.

    You might have a head ache from a tight shoulder/neck/back muscle from carrying around extra large BFing bbs. Get a heating pad or something and put on there, take hot showers and let it run over your neck and back, and have Dale massage there for a few days. I used to get them REAL bad to the point I had to stop wearing bras…I had to wear a camisole and just tuck some of the fabric under my bbs so the br*east pads would stay in place. That might be something to think of doing too if you are wearing bras a lot. After I stopped wearing the bras my headaches all but went away completely. I used to get them with Babyhead as well as Podling when I wore bras.

    Get used to the growth spurts…as soon as you think you have a schedule, a growth spurt hits and you start all over again. 🙂 The good thing about them though as you can actually SEE the difference in them…either by weight and length or you see they can pay more attention to something or more interested or something like that. Before long he will be smiling and laughing and that will just make your day. 😀

  2. kellsmam said,

    Just LOVE the pics and the latest updates babes and am enjoying ‘being with you’ electronically when I can’t be there in person.

    Keep up the good work with our gorgeous little lad. It’s not difficult to see that both you and Dale are totally smitten, however, next time I see you I might just steal your little ‘kiss’ away from you for a little while. Grandma’s privileges you know – I want to boast too…… and obviously Grom and the Davisons are just dying to have a cuddle so they’re really looking forward to your visit next month.

    I’m just at the end of a phone if you need me – at any time – for any reason. Love you all. xxxxx

  3. kell1976 said,

    Hi Mam. Yes, we’re taking plenty of photos – we just can’t resist clicking away when our little guy is so gorgeous!

    It was lovely seeing you all this weekend. looking forward to coming down for the wedding – I now I’ll have the cutest date there seeing as how I’m coming with Xander! 😉

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