A Slight “Hitch”…

October 7, 2008 at 8:38 am (Baby) (, , , , )

Xander getting his routine hearing test at the hospital
the day before we were discharged

Well, things aren’t going so brilliantly after all. The midwife came round to weigh Xander yesterday and discovered he’d lost a little weight – he’s never quite got back up to his birth weight yet which it’s always hoped babies will do within 10 days or so of birth. The solution is to supplement his breast feeding with a bottle of a couple of ounces of either breast milk or formula, so I’ve been pumping like crazy with the breast pump my sister bought us, but the problem now is actually getting Xander to take it from the bottle! The poor wee mite has only ever been faced with my huge chesticles, and even though the bottle teats we have are the closest to breast/nipple shape as you can get, he’s not happy about having them in his mouth and it’s almost impossible to get anything into him that way.

It’s worrying and I’ll admit I’ve been in tears a few times out of sheer frustration and worry (even though it’s only a very small amount of weight he’s lost so far – we don’t want him to lose any more!). Dale has been marvellous – very supportive and ready with reassurances and lots of hugs and kisses, but sometimes it’s just impossible to fight the tears – I guess it’s part of the whole “baby blues” thing (don’t worry, I’m not feeling depressed or anything like that, just a bit tearful at times). It’s just so difficult knowing that Xander isn’t doing as well as we’d like to see. He just keeps falling asleep during a feed and we have to try and wake him up a little by tickling his feet, blowing on his face and changing his nappy part-way through, just to get him to keep sucking. The midwife will be back tomorrow to weigh him again and see if we’ve made any progress, but I still worry.

We knew things would be difficult at times, but it’s horrid to feel so out of control about things like your child’s health and progress.

On a more positive note, Xander is now “official” as we registered his birth yesterday afternoon and have his birth certificate, which is lovely.



  1. Nici said,

    Try not to worry too much Kell. I know it’s easy for me to say it, but really, i’m sure Xander will be fine.

    It’s such a worry being responsible for such a small person, but you are doing a fantastic job and i’m sure that Xander will put on weight soon.

    *hugs* xxx

  2. Sandy said,

    Don’t worry…though I KNOW it is impossible not too! Just do the best you can and do with the bottle what you do with BF…put a little milk out on the nipple and his mouth first so he knows milk is in there and he will eventually take it (after you cry and worry some more of course!). From what I gather he had a rough start to begin with so just be patient and it WILL all work out in the end.

    As a side note this is why I didn’t want to BF this time around. Babyhead I never made enough milk for Babyhead to the point he gave up on nursing since we HAD to supplement with formula…after a month he decided the bottle was better and never latched on again. With Podling I decided not to even chance it and put her straight on a bottle…I know it is horrid feeling knowing you baby has to eat and refusing to (either that or not getting enough that he just cried and cried…I was a basket case until we put Babyhead on the bottle full time!)!

    Again, just hang in there. The midwife knows what she is doing and won’t let little Tadpole starve to death. He may just be a light eater and needs to catch up. Podling wasn’t a good eater either and she is just now starting to catch up.


  3. jarmara said,

    A friend of mine was having feeding trouble her baby last year, I think she got a contraption that fed formula via a tube that she snuck into his mouth when he breastfed.

    For rather more informed help, try these people who do it professionally and come highly recommended.



  4. Michelle said,

    You’re getting good advice Kell. Having such a little one to care for does put a huge strain on your emotions, and getting frustrated and crying is all normal.

    I had trouble breast feeding both of mine, despite my best intentions.. they both got a few weeks, then I had to (tearfully, of course!) change over to bottles. Even then, Amy was an extremely slow feeder.. one bottle would take an hour, and we had to do all that feet tickling and nappy changing you mention. And look at her now!

    Things will be fine darlin.. whether things settle, or he switches to formula. He’s in very safe, loving hands!


  5. kell1976 said,

    Thanks guys. 🙂

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