Sleepless in Scotland…

October 4, 2008 at 5:35 pm (Baby) (, , , , )

Post-lunch nap (4/10/08)

Xander having his afternoon nap today

It’s been a tough few days since we got home from the hospital. Getting into the habit of sleeping when Xander sleeps is a big adjustment for both Dale and myself and it hasn’t helped that Xander seemed to be deciding that night-time is party-time!

The first two nights at home were pretty nightmarish, with both my devoted hubby and I resembling extras from a George A Romero film and almost collapsing with sheer exhaustion. However, the midwife came for a visit and offered a few suggestions. That night was a little better than the two preceding it, but we were still very tired. Last night, however, was wonderful – Xander only woke to feed and have his nappy changed, then went back to sleep again within about twenty minutes of finishing. Dale had a very peaceful night and I woke up this morning feeling more rested and refreshed than I have in several months – and this was despite going to bed with a stonker of a headache last night!

The only other difficulty, really, has been breast feeding. The first few feeds, whilst still in the hospital, were fine, as he wasn’t very well and didn’t have the strength to fight or wriggle about too much. By the third day, he was becoming impatient and fractious when it came time to feed and would have trouble getting latched on, so I ended up with very grazed, sore nipples for a couple of days. However, after expressing a little to give him via syringe, he calmed down a bit and was able to get onto the breast a little easier.

Once my milk came in, however, it was a different story (it was a little delayed due to the C-section), things happened much more easily (I woke up one morning with a nightie that was soaked all down the front where I’d had a leak of epic proportions – totally Niagara Falls!) and we hit on a good position (with Xander under my arm like a rugby ball) and he’s gone on like a dream ever since. He’s certainly a good feeder!

Since getting home, we’ve just been concentrating on trying to get into some kind of routine and accepting visits from family (all his grandparents adore him already – my Mam and Step-Dad came up with my Grom while I was in labour and saw Xander briefly after he was born, but had to head back to Northumberland; they’ll be coming back next weekend to visit again; Dale’s parents came round to visit yesterday afternoon; and my Dad gets sparkly-wet eyes whenever he looks at his grandson). Auntie Leni absolutely adores her wee nephew too! Then again, when a baby is this adorable, how can anyone possibly resist?



  1. Sandy said,

    i am so glad things are finally working out. 🙂 The firs little bit it always the most difficult as you try to find the new dynamic. Once you hit the 3 month mark the most difficult part tends to be over as they do tend to sleep a lot better since they tend to eat more at one time.

    He is just beautiful too! 🙂 They are the most precious while sleeping…speaking of which Podling is sleeping in my lap as we speak…yea, you will get to where you can hold a baby and do almost anything too. 😉 DH is still amazed at what I can do with Podling in my arms! LOL

    And on a side note, my dad gets all misty eyed around Babyhead and Podling too…amazing how they seem all rough and tough and un-emotional until you get their grandkids around them, huh? 😀

  2. Nici said,

    You are making me everso clucky lol!

    He is just adorable, I just want to come and give him a cuddle!

  3. Michelle said,

    Keep those photos coming – he is just adorable!

  4. kell1976 said,

    Our mate, Kerry was round this afternoon and she was almost in tears over how gorgeous he is. I swear, this kid could start a baby boom all on his own as he seems to make EVERYONE feel all clucky! Xander is going to be one very spoiled little boy at the rate things are going!

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