38 weeks in…

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Foetus at 38 weeks

Some interesting facts about being 38 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is continuing to build a layer of fat which will help regulate his/her body temperature after birth
  • Tad will now weigh around 7lbs (apparently boys tend to be slightly heavier at birth than girls, so we’ll have to “weight” and see which we get!)
  • All Tadpole’s organs are now fully developed (although his/her lungs will continue to mature)
  • My heart is currently pumping 45% more blood around my body than it did pre-pregnancy
  • There are now just 14 days till Tadpole’s Estimated Due Date

We really are in the “final countdown” moments of pregnancy now and I will freely admit I’m more than ready for Tadpole to come out into the world. My feet now look like balloons with little fat sausages for toes and my ankles have gone all chubby too (I’ve always had slender feet and ankles, so not only do I find this incredibly uncomfortable, it’s also depressingly unsightly to me!). I feel like I’m a very-slowly-moving mountain these days as I Jemima Puddleduck my way around the place. In fact, when we had our 38-week appointment with the midwife this week, I was measuring 40 inches, which would seem to indicate that the bun in my oven is now well and truly baked. The midwife made me an appointment for 40 weeks and said that she would offer me a membrane sweep at that point, rather than waiting till 41 weeks like usual, so I guess she thinks it’s time too.

I’m getting less and less sleep lately too – I only seem to sleep every other night and on those nights where I do get some sleep, I average about five broken hours. The problem is that I’ve developed an irritating “snort” just as I’m dropping off and it wakes me up. And it doesn’t matter which position I adopt for sleeping, it happens anyway; whether I’m on my left side, my right side, or sitting propped upright, whether I’m in bed, on the sofa or in a chair – I just keep snorting. And when I finally do get to sleep, I snore and wake myself up with that. It’s ridiculous really. So, every other night I manage to get a few hours of precious shut-eye and on the nights in between I while away the hours by trying to read (unsuccessfully as I can’t concentrate!), spending time online, giving myself 4am manicures, and taking full advantage of Sky Movies (which tends to play utter rubbish at silly-o-clock in the morning!).

We thought for a brief moment that things were kicking off yesterday as I was getting a persistent ache in my lower back and the old Braxton Hicks seemed to be stronger and in a lower area than usual, but then it all calmed down again and there was no regularity, so we figured we have a little longer to wait. In the meantime, I’m drinking raspberry leaf tea by the gallon (well, maybe two mugs a day as it’s rather bland-tasting!), eating spicy foods, trying to be upright and active and, well, I’m sure everyone knows of all the ways that are said to “set things off”. I made a delicious spicy vegetable soup yesterday and tonight I think I’ll be opting for a good, hot curry for dinner!

I’ve spent the last week or so cooking up a storm in the kitchen and filling our freezer with portion-sized meals of things like curry, Bolognese, chilli and a whole bunch of other things that I could cook in batches, so that I won’t have to think about making main meals for a little while when Tadpole decides it’s time to come out.

And my maternity leave officially starts as of Monday 15 September, so my holiday allowance was used to its fullest, which I’m rather pleased about. I’ve been very glad to have these few weeks out of the office to get things finished here. Dale has been an absolute star, cleaning and tidying the place and making sure I’m alright (he even got out my foot spa and filled it with cool water to ease my aching, bloated feet!) and has been speaking directly to Tadpole saying that any time the Kid wants to come out is absolutely fine by us! I said last week that he’d made my millennium by saying he was proud of me and how I’d coped with pregnancy, well I have to say, I’m incredibly proud of him and everything he’s done – Dale has taken care of everything from start to finish, taking on more and more around the flat until he’s basically been doing absolutely everything and I no longer have to lift a finger! He’s been loving and supportive all the way through and never once complained or moaned about doing extra chores or the fact that I’ve been a bit incapacitated of late (as I’ve finally had to admit I am now – I just have so much bulk and so little energy!), and always making sure that my slightest needs are met (as I type, he’s cleaning the bathroom which has always been one of “my jobs” even throughout pregnancy, and he’s doing a grand job of it too!). I cannot praise him highly enough for how sweet and gentle and considerate he’s been all year (not that he’s usually any different, but he’s made an extra-special effort since we got pregnant). And yes, I’ve told him all this too. 😉

Everyone is on standby, waiting for the call to say that Tadpole is on his/her way – we just hope it’s very soon as this last-minute waiting is the hardest part so far!

38 weeks bump



  1. Sandy said,

    Don’t worry, it won’t be long now one way or another. 🙂 This is the point when you feel like you are going to be pregnant FOREVER!!! At least your midwife is willing to do something before 41 weeks…with Babyhead I had to beg them AT 41 weeks and even then they wanted to wait.

    It is good Dale is doing all the stuff for you…if nothing else somethings you can’t do bc your belly just gets in the way! LOL And your belly looks great btw! 🙂

    Oh, and just in case no one said anything…which I am sure they have…sometimes spending “time” with your husband can get things going too if you haven’t tried that already. 😉

    But, Tadpole when come out when s/he is good and ready. 😀 HEY! Maybe s/he will be born on DH’s and my wedding anniversary! LOL

  2. kell1976 said,

    LOL – we’ve been “spending LOTS of time” – I was trying to be diplomatic! 😉

    I’ve now made it into my official maternity leave and Tad is proving to be a stubborn creature , but seeing as how Dale’s holidays start at the weekend, we’re thinking it might be a goood idea if Tad hangs on till then anyway. And I’m accompanying my sister to her laser eye surgery on Friday, so that should ensure some Sod’s Law-age in the form of going into labour while I’m supposed to be holding her hand. 😀

  3. marathonleap said,

    I can’t remember the last time I slept 😦 I actually start to get stressed as bedtime approaches because I know whats going to happen. I cant get comfortable, I toss and turn, the baby punches and kicks me, I cant breathe…and just when I fall asleep I wake back up and have to pee. Sheesh! I know how you feel…

  4. kell1976 said,

    Tell me about it – last night was my first semi-decent night’s sleep in well over a week – about 6 hours, broken by 3 trips to the loo. It felt like bliss as I’ve ben averaging about 2 hours every OTHER night – LOL!

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