The Lurgy

July 29, 2008 at 8:12 am (Life gets in the way...) (, , )

I have the dreaded lurgy! I’ve called in sick and am staying home today, much to my annoyance since after today I only have fourteen days left in the office before I’m off till the middle of next June (I finish at the end of August, but due to having so many annual leave days, flexi time and various antenatal appointments, my office time has been whittled right down!).

It started on Saturday night. We went to bed and I throat was feeling a little dry – every time I was just about to drift off to sleep, I’d let out a colossal snort which would wake me up again (almost like the beginning of a loud snore, but slightly different as it was in my throat rather than my nose), so I didn’t get much sleep. On Sunday, I was tired, but the dry throat didn’t bother me too much through the day as it was hot weather and I just drank a lot of water. Sunday night I hardly got a wink of sleep and on Monday morning, my throat was feeling rather raw and my voice had gone al husky and sexy. So I called the doctor and went along to an appointment to find that I have a bit of a throat infection (viral, rather than bacterial, so there’s not really anything I can take other than paracetamol for the pain and honey-and-lemon drinks to soothe). I went off to work as, other than feeling a bit tired and a bit scratchy-throated, I felt absolutely fine – except I now had a racking cough too.

Last night I got zero sleep and this morning my voice is almost completely gone, so I decided that, as I’d be neither use nor ornament to anyone in the office (being completely unable to answer phones and being too tired to even walk to work, let alone actually concentrate on anything once there), I’d stay home and try to get some rest instead. Of course, I had to repeat myself several times in order to get the message across as my voice drifts in and out of creaky audibility!

Ah well – at least my colleagues are lovely, understanding folks and I was told to get some rest and take whatever time I need to get well (they’re just so sweet there – I really am lucky!). Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little better and more able to get into work, as tomorrow is my last working day this week!


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