31 weeks in…

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Foetus at 31 weeks

It’s been something of a busy week, both in baby-and non-baby-terms. Work has been hectic and we’ve also had an antenatal appointment with the midwife and our very first antenatal, class…

Some interesting facts about being 31 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole now weighs just shy of 3.5lbs and measures about 16 inches from crown to foot (not much room in there for moving about these days!)
  • Tad will most likely gain at least another 2lbs before being born (that’s a lot of growing and filling out still to do)
  • Tadpole’s organs are continuing to mature and s/he will be passing water (practice for peeing once s/he’s out in the world!)
  • If Tadpole were to be born today, s/he would have a 95% chance of survival (this won’t change again now until we hit 34 weeks)
  • There are now 63 days left till our Estimated Due Date

The weather has been much hotter over the past week, which is not welcomed by me! Everyone else has been praying for a sunny, hot summer, whereas I’m favouring the idea of cooler temperatures, as I’m really feeling the heat now! The walk to work which, pre-pregnancy, took me 20-25 minutes, now takes 40 minutes and involves me stopping several times to rest a moment and have a drink of water. It also involves me arriving at work huffing and puffing and feeling rather tired! Still, in a way, I’m glad walking is my only way of getting to work, as the exercise can only be good for me and Tadpole, and occasionally a colleague spots me as they pass in their car and offers me a lift, which is sometimes rather welcome!

I chose a lovely, soft green paint for the nursery last weekend, as well as a very sweet Winnie the Pooh (original, not Disney!) border, and Dale spent Sunday decorating Tadpole’s room. When he was done, Dale had to admit it looked much better – more like a nursery and less like an abandoned office room!

We had our first antenatal class on Wednesday afternoon, where we got to meet a bunch of other almost-parents whose estimated due dates are within a few weeks of our. Everyone in our class is a first-timer, which is rather nice, as we all get to experience this for the first time together. However, I was really surprised at just how unprepared many of them seemed – not to brag or anything, but Dale and I were pretty much stars of the show when it came to knowing what’s going to be happening throughout and after labour. Many of the mums-in-waiting didn’t even realise that they had to birth their placenta after the baby and I think we were the only ones who had given any serious thought to a birth plan! Everyone was really lovely and I’m looking forward to our second class next week, even though Dale won’t be able to come as it’s in the morning this time (being a Postie, he won’t be able to accompany me, so I’ll be flying solo on this occasion).

On Thursday afternoon we had another midwife appointment – just a regular check-up to make sure everything’s progressing as it should. My bump was measured and found to be 30.5cm (which is spot on as I was 30.5 weeks pregnant!), so I guess I’m not so monstrously huge as I though – I just feel that way because I’m not used to being quite this large and round! I’ll admit to being rather fond of my bump, which I think looks like I’m trying to smuggle a beach ball – I spend a lot of time stroking my belly and talking to Tadpole, just letting him/her know what’s going on in our day-to-day lives and letting him/her know how loved s/he is – I figure letting Tad know all this stuff can only be good in the long run! And Dale loves “bump watching” too – in the evenings, when Tadpole is at his/her most active, Dale will get right up close and watch the undulations or chase a stray foot as it glides across my belly, making Tad kick back at him. He also seems to think its great fun to blow raspberries on my tummy – I’m not quite sure how Tadpole takes that!

Tad is definitely reacting to certain types of music. If we play Rammstein or Queen or Dream Theater (our favourite bands) then the activity in my tummy definitely picks up. And there are certain songs that seem to illicit a stronger reaction too – last night Tad was going crazy over the soundtrack to Highlander!

My hypnobirthing book has arrived and I’m about half-way through it. It seems to have some very interesting ideas and offers up some nice relaxation techniques to try, so I think I’ll give some of them a shot. I might even order the CD that goes with the programme if I can, as it can help to follow a relaxation guide rather than having to think it all out in order in your head. I also got another book called Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read (which is the book that inspired Marie Mongan to develop the hypnobirthing programme) and I plan to read it very soon, as I’m becoming increasingly enamoured of having as natural and drug-free a birthing experience as possible. I really must ask my Mam about her experience of giving birth to me and my sister. She’ll be away on holiday for a couple of weeks, but when she gets back I really must ask…

And yes, as declared last weekend, I am having my peaceful weekend! I have turned down several invitations for today and tomorrow in order to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not have to think about being anywhere at a set time to do anything in particular. I plan to head out briefly later on to buy Dale’s anniversary present, but other than that, I’m just going to go with the flow and try to get a bit of rest, as that’s something that has been sorely lacking of late! It’s bizarre how much in-demand I’ve been this year. Not that I’m usually particularly unpopular, but since I got pregnant, my social engagements seem to have increased in number significantly and I can’t actually remember the last weekend I had where I didn’t have to be somewhere. It’s nice to get some “me time”. Perhaps I’ll finally get a chance to try out those pregnancy Pilates and yoga DVDs I bought some time ago and still haven’t taken out of the cellophane wrapper despite my best intentions!


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  1. Sandy said,

    It is amazing how popular you get when you get pregnant…and it continues for a while after baby is born, too. 😉 Just remember when everyone is getting on your nerves, they actually mean well.


    Have a great weekend to yourself!

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