30 weeks in…

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Foetus at 30 weeks

I can hardly believe we’re now three-quarters of the way there! Lots of exciting things are happening (as usual!) and we’re all being kept on our toes by Tadpole…

Some interesting facts about being 30 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole now weighs around 3lbs and measures just over 15.5 inches from crown to foot (adding half a pound and half an inch on last week – crikey!)
  • Tad’s lungs and digestive tract are now almost mature and s/he can distinguish light from dark in the womb and even track a light source (that’s one smart little kid in there already!)
  • Tadpole is currently protected by approximately a litre of amniotic fluid (that sounds like major water retention to me…)
  • My uterus is now pressing against my diaphragm (which explains why I get so out of breath walking to work or going up a flight of stairs – nothing to do with being unfit at all!)
  • I can expect to put on approximately 1lb every week at this point (another 10lbs? I’m gonna be HUGE!)
  • If Tadpole were to be born today, s/he would have a 95% chance of survival (which is excellent news – the odds are getting better all the time – hurrah!)
  • There are now exactly 70 days till our Estimated Due Date

It seems my nesting instinct has kicked in big-time. We thought we were pretty much sorted for everything being ready for Tadpole’s arrival, but last Sunday I woke up with only one thought in my head – I desperately need to repaint the nursery! Now, we only decorated that room eighteen months ago and it’s a gorgeous shade of light blue, but suddenly I don’t want it blue any more – not even if we have a boy! I suddenly had it in my head that the room has to be either yellow or green (and I’m edging more towards green now) and it has to be done as soon a possible. Of course, Dale’s reaction was, “I’m not repainting the nursery – we’ve finished the decorating!” To which I replied, “I’ll do it – you won’t have to do anything except the cutting in at the top!” Of course, Dale has since come round to the idea and has decided that if anyone is painting the nursery, it’ll be him – he’s got it into his head that this is what Dads do. I’m not complaining. Now I just have to go and pick out all the supplies!

Our long-awaited cot-bed arrived yesterday and Dale spent the afternoon putting it all together. It looks gorgeous and we’re both already imagining a baby sleeping in there. It’s funny, the two of us going all gooey thinking about Tadpole like that, but that’s exactly what’s happening!

And other strange things are happening to my body. For example, I’ve suddenly sprung a leak! All the books tell you that your boobs will start leaking at some point, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon – I thought it would just be for a few weeks before Tadpole arrived! It’s only a tiny bit at the moment, but it’s been happening all week, so I’m guessing it’ll get heavier as time goes on. I’m suddenly worried about my massive boobs erupting like a geyser in some unexpected time and place! Dale, of course, thinks it’s fascinating and really very funny. I told him that next time he can have the baby and see how funny he thinks it is when his favourite bra gets stuff all over it! It took me a little while to see why he was laughing so hysterically at that one. Especially since his favourite bra was the first one to get leaked on (his favourite one for me to wear, that is!). I guess I’m going to have to go and buy some new ones in the next few weeks…

I don’t want to jinx things, but it looks like the morning sickness may be on the way out again. I’ve felt fine for most of this week and I’m hoping that things will continue improving and that I have seen the last of my head-down-the-toilet days!

I’ve started looking into something called hypnobirthing too. Dale’s not too keen (he thinks it’s namby-pamby new-age nonsense), so rather than fork out £300 for the one-to-one classes, I’ve ordered the book from Amazon. Seeing as how I’m already familiar with meditation techniques, this could be a rather useful thing to add to my skills in time for giving birth – watch this space…!

And in the middle of all this, I’ve gone and applied for a new job! Not that I’m not happy where I am, but this is a promotion opportunity within the same department. The Head of Policy (who works in the Chief Executive Service) is finally being allowed to have a PA (he’s the only Head of Service who has never had any administrative assistance allocated specifically to him) and the closing date was yesterday. I swithered about whether or not to apply, but finally decided that the worst thing he could say was “No” and I can handle that – after all, I still have my own job which I love, so I wouldn’t exactly be losing out at all. I figured I’d never know unless I tried, so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. There is only one other applicant, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough if either one of us is considered right for the position. Either way, I’ve decided not to stress about it at all – if I get the job, that’s great (even though they would immediately have to advertise for maternity cover!), if I don’t then I’m fine with that too.

And I’ve finally decided to take everyone’s advice and have a bit of a rest! Seeing how busy I’ve been over the past few weeks, and taking into account how exhausted I’ve been feeling, I’ve decided that next weekend I am going to do as little as possible. I will not be accepting any invitations at all (so if anyone asks and I say no, please don’t be offended – I just need a little time-out to rest up a while!). The most I will do is nip out briefly to get Dale an anniversary card and present for the following weekend (as we’ll have been married five years on 1 August), and, as I know exactly what I’m going to get him, it won’t take long to do that. I may potter around the flat a little, but I’m not going to make any plans to do anything at all – it’s time to put my feet up for a few moments!

In the meantime, I’m heading out to a chiropody appointment very shortly and then meeting Kerry for lunch – and perhaps I’ll see if she fancies helping me pick out the colour scheme for the nursery this afternoon…



  1. Michelle said,

    I just wanted to give you a big hug… I wish I was there this with you! 🙂

  2. Sandy said,

    LOL Good luck with the nursery. 🙂 I had a friend who did her nursery green…but she did it like a lily pond with frogs and water lilys and the like…we have always lived in an apartment and I don’t feel like all that painting when I will just have to paint over it before we move (one day we WILL buy a house!!!)

    I was like that not long ago and HAD to go to Ikea and HAD to get this one thing for Podling and HAD to do this and HAD to do that…DH laughed at me and was annoyed at the same time because of money…but he got over it soon enough and humored me. ;-D

    I am glad Tadpole’s bed arrived! We did the same thing with Babyhead’s bed…stood looking at it imagining our Peanut in it (that is what we called him at the time). I think all parents do that. 🙂 Of course, when you get Tadpole home you will be amazed at how HUGE the bed seems!

    Good luck with the job too! And don’t worry about saying no to people to want to visit or take you out…either they totally understand or they will just get over it. Remember that for when the baby is born too…tons of people will want to come over and visit…but unless they are going to clean your house and make your dinner don’t let them if you don’t feel up to it. Just remind everyone that you are about to or just had a baby and you need your rest…you aren’t going anywhere…and as soon as you feel up to it you will be happy to have people over. 🙂

    Oh, and happy early anniversary!

  3. kell1976 said,

    Aww, thanks guys. 🙂

    Got a lovely green paint in the end (Dulux range – Willow Tree) – it’s a nice, soft shade that will be calming. Also got a Winnie the Pooh border (well, being a bookworm, I could hardly resist that, could I?). Am hoping to have a restful day today (although I’ll end up feeling guilty and will at least do some laundry or help Dale with the dishes or whatever – LOL!). And I’ll CERTAINLY be taking your advice, Sandy, for after Tad is born. A couple of weeks just bondnig with the Bambino and not having to think about putting on my makeup or doing my hair to make myself look semi-human for people will be in order, methinks (Dale’s already seen me without all my makeup and stuff, so he knows to avert his eyes to avoid being turned to stone – LOL!).

  4. Sandy said,

    Heck with the makeup…you are gonna want to sleep when you can without people bothering you. 😛

    Just remember.: sleep when the baby sleeps!! The wash and kitchen and everything else can wait!! I learned my lesson the first time around and taking that advice this time!!!

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