29 weeks in…

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Foetus at 29 weeks

It feels like time is running very short, with only 77 days till our Estimated Due Date – suddenly I feel completely unprepared for our impending arrival as our cot-bed still hasn’t arrived and we don’t yet have basic essentials like nappies and all the supplies that go with them! Apart from that kind of “have we got everything yet?” panic, I can hardly wait to meet Tadpole face-to-face!

Some interesting facts about being 29 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole now weighs about 2.5lbs and measures around 15 inches from top to toe (so, just a little filling out since last week)
  • We’re still at roughly the 90% survival chances if Tad were to make a surprise appearance today (this will go up again at about week 30)
  • Tad’s head will, at this point, be getting bigger, and brain growth is particularly rapid now (which is great, because our Kid is obviously going to be a genius of some kind!)
  • My appetite has increased massively – I’m hungry all the time. However, I can only eat much smaller amounts before feeling full – I guess Tadpole is taking up more room in there that is usually reserved for nosh!

The morning sickness has continued, although not as consistently bad as it was in the first trimester – I had to take a day off work on Tuesday as I was feeling so grotty, and this time the sickness tends to be accompanied by bouts of light-headedness, which aren’t particularly welcome as I am susceptible to passing out at the drop of a hat at the best of times and it’s kind of freaky to suddenly have to get as close to lying down on the floor as possible in order to try and avoid falling all that distance, especially now that I have this big baby bump up front! And the bump is now so big that my massive boobs seem positively dwarfed by comparison! I’ve also discovered that pretty much the only thing I can stomach and have a chance of keeping down in the morning is a bowl of porridge and a glass of milk – ordinary cereal, toast and fruit are all off the early-morning menu, as is fruit juice. So, my breakfasts are now bland, but at least it has a decent chance of staying inside my stomach!

I’m finding I get frustrated with people and situations far more easily these days too. For example, last Thursday at my 28-week blood work appointment, the midwife (not my usual one) told me I should call for my results in a week, which I did yesterday, but it took forever to get an answer. Our surgery opens at 8.00am, so I called the NHS 24 line at 8.00 and asked to be put through to my surgery to get my antenatal results. The man on the other end redirected me, but the number just rang out, so he took the call back and explained they didn’t open till 8.30 before giving me the direct number. I waited till 8.30 and called the number he’d given me, only to discover that got me through to the antenatal clinic at the hospital – not my surgery – so, of course, they didn’t have my results. I called NHS 24 again and asked to be put through to my surgery and this time I got through to the most obnoxious receptionist on the planet. Now, I know se couldn’t just give me my results over the phone, but she was particularly unhelpful I that I had to give my details three times and spell my name twice before being told that the doctor would have to call me back with the results. I then gave her my work number and said I’d be there by 9.15 if the doctor could call me after that point. She, however, bluntly said, she couldn’t specify a time to the doctor, but that he would call at about 9.00. I tried explaining that I wouldn’t be there by that point as I am 29 weeks pregnant and have to walk uphill for 35-40 minutes to get to work; hence, I would arrive at about 9.15. She again reiterated the 9.00 call time and hung up the phone.

So, I rushed along the road at double pace and arrived at work at 9.03am, exhausted and feeling terrible.

The doctor called at 10.20am.

I was furious at having been made to rush around, rather than taking it a bit easier as I’ve been told time and again that I need to do. Fortunately, the doctor who called is one I’ve seen before and was lovely to me. He told me that my blood count and blood sugar levels were absolutely fine, so nothing to worry about there, and went on to check how I was feeling overall before letting me get on with my work.

I seem to be permanently busy these days. If I’m not at the office working my tail off, then I’m rushing around on the weekend trying to get things done in the little time we have left, as well as seeing friends. I never seem to have any time left to just chill out at home. For example, last weekend I was meeting friends for coffee in town, this weekend we have my pregnant sister-in-law visiting (she’s about 10 or 11 weeks behind us). next weekend, I’d attempted to arrange some pamper time and booked a chiropody appointment so I could then go on to have a pedicure, but the pedicure is now out as I’ll be meeting a pal for lunch instead. Now, all these activities are pleasurable, and I look forward to them every time (so if any of those friends read this, please don’t cancel, because I really am looking forward to it – I’m not just saying that!), but I know that come Sunday I’ll want to collapse in a heap on the sofa and watch TV, when what I will actually have to do is housework (albeit lighter duties, as Dale has taken over the majority of work that needs doing around the place – what a star!).

Anyway, I have decided that Saturday 26 July will me a “Me Day” as that will be a particularly busy week, what with an antenatal class AND an antenatal appointment during the working week. The weekend after that will be Dale and my fifth wedding anniversary, so the only person I’ll be seeing that weekend will be Dale!

Right, I’m off to get things ready for our visitors arriving – honestly, since getting pregnant, I’ve never been so popular!


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  1. Sandy said,

    LOL you are in the home stretch and what you are feeling about being ready is normal. I was running around the Sunday before my surgery making sure this was done and that was put away and I was so busy that I had forgotten to eat! I ended up eating a late dinner, right before the cut off point where I couldn’t have any food or drink!

    Definitely give yourself a day! Make people come and visit you, but don’t worry about making sure everything is cleaned just so…you are pregnant and allowed some leeway in such things. Rest as much as you can (even without visitors!!!) as this will be the last chance at rest you will get for a long time!

    Oh..and I am still waiting for a belly picture!!! I meant to take one of me before Podling was born, but I was rushing around and forgot. You should really take one for your memory box/book as it will be funny to look back at how big you had gotten…you would be surprised how much you forget…Mother Nature is wonderful in that so we don’t remember the horrid things and we will want more, but we also tend to forget some of the cute things as well. AND…you know you are getting ready to pop when your belly outshines your boobs! LOL I was able to “hide” both of my pregnancies because of my big boobs until the last trimester and then all of a sudden there my belly was. I remember the guys in my multimedia class (when I was pregnant with Babyhead) were so amazed at how big my stomach had gotten over Thanksgiving break because it was waay out farther than my boobs were!!

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