Green-Eyed Monster…?

July 8, 2008 at 6:14 am (Life gets in the way...) (, , , , )

I never used to be a jealous person, but due to a bad relationship experience in the past, I discovered I was secretly growing a green-eyed monster. I’m getting much better now, although there are still moments when it flares up a little, even though I trust my husband completely (its other people I don’t trust!). My hubby, on the other hand, has never had a jealous bone in his body. In fact, he loves it when other men find me attractive because he is the one who gets to go home with me (isn’t that sweet?!).

However, last night, I got my first ever glimpse of Dale’s little monster…

We were watching Speed Racer (which is pretty rubbish – hilariously bad, actually) and I noticed that the actor playing Inspector Detector (Benno Furmann) looks an awful lot like J at work. Now, J is my favourite of a group of guys collectively known as The Exquisite Boys of Planning – half a dozen of the loveliest-looking guys the Council has on offer and they all work in the Planning department (where I used to work, so I’m quite friendly with them).

Now, Dale has known for a long time that they are called this and that J is my favourite of the crew, and he has always found it quite funny. However, last night, after my comment that J looks very like Mr. Furmann, we later had the following conversation:

Dale: I don’t think I want you taking to J any more.
Me: Why not?
Dale: No reason.
Me: No, really, why not?
Dale: Just because.
Me: Is it because he looks like Inspector Detector?
Dale: (brief pause) Erm. Yes.
Me: Are you a little bit jealous?
Dale: (indignant) No!
Me: It is, isn’t it?
Dale: *Mumble*
Me: What was that?
Dale: Maybe.
Me: It’s OK – J is leaving in a couple of weeks to go travelling for a year and he probably won’t be back at the Council.
Dale: (smiling) Good!

For the record, Benno Furmann looks like this:

He’s a good looking guy, wouldn’t you agree? Now, J is actually slightly better looking and is also younger (being about 25 or 26 years old).

But I have to admit, I fancy Dale WAY more. He has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Still, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who suffers the occasional pang of jealousy!



  1. Sandy said,

    I am right there with you…not like I don’ t trust DH…I just don’t trust other people!

    And he always tells me when some other man is checking me out. He says he hopes it makes me feel better about myself if I knew other men were looking at me (I had sense lost some self esteem after I gained a lot of weight after Babyhead was born).

    Though, I am sure he is jealous sometimes…I just don’t see it.

  2. Sarah said,

    I kind of don’t trust my boyfriend (due to some past experiences of watching him give another girl a back massage in a hot tub), and he’s very good looking, which attracts some unwanted female admiration. But he also is jealous and hates it when guys look at me, and even forbade me to have coffee with an old friend because we had once made out in high school…13 years ago! LOL!

  3. kell1976 said,

    Sarah – Ouch! That’s taking it a bit far, not wanting you to see an old friend with whom you have absolutely no romantic connections (I discount highschool snogs – LOL!), especially when he’s handed out a hot-tub massage! I hope he’s behaving a lot better now!

    Sandy – That’s sweet – Dale does that kind of thing – he’s always telling me when other guys (or even gals!) are checking me out. he LOVES it if other people find me attractive. Partially, I think, because it reinforces his own belief that he bagged himself a real looker – LOL!

    I think a little jealousy is good – it reminds us to appreciate what we’ve got and guard against becoming complacent and losing it. Too much, though, is a very bad thing and can end up driving away those we love. Friends of mine find it really odd that I joke about Dale having his “bit on the side” round while I’m out at book club. Of course, if I actually thought that, I’d never be able to joke about it – it’s precisely because I feel secure in the knowledge that there is NO “bit on the side” that I can joke about it. ntill the other night, Dale used to joke about me having an office affair with J. He’s not mentioned that since watchng Speed Racer though – funny that – LOL!

  4. Sandy said,

    LOL Kell, we joke about that too. It is always, “I will be home early so make sure your boy/girlfriend is out of the house by then…”. 😀

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