28 weeks in…

July 5, 2008 at 8:09 pm (Baby) (, , , , )

Foetus at 28 weeks

It’s been rather an exciting week – we are now officially heading into the third trimester and are on the home stretch!

Some interesting facts about being 28 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is now almost 2.5lbs and just shy of 15 inches crown to foot (which explains why I’m now feeling so heavy up front and getting kicked harder than ever!)
  • We’re still at roughly the 90% survival chances if Tad were to make a surprise appearance today (this will go up again at about week 30)
  • Fat layers are forming and fingernails are growing (so Tad will be getting a good deal chubbier over the coming weeks!)

The Kid has really been kicking a whole lot more lately and today I found what appeared to be a small, hard bump to the right of my bellybutton. When I lightly pressed it with my finger it quickly withdrew and then I was treated to a good, hard boot from the same spot – I think it was Tad’s foot! Tadpole must have been having a bit of a stretch-out and didn’t take too kindly to having his/her foot tickled! Dale has just spent a fun half hour testing this theory and laughing whenever Tadpole kicked back in retaliation. He stopped when I got a hand stuck under my pelvis that pinged out quite painfully when Tad kicked out at the other side – ouch!

I’m very glad I only had a very short working week (due to having Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as annual leave), as I haven’t been feeling exactly tip-top. In fact, over the last couple of weeks I’ve had days where I felt downright grotty and thought I’d either eaten something dodgy or was coming down with a bug. It turns out, however, that my morning sickness has decided to make a return appearance (back by non-too-popular demand?). Fortunately, it seems to mostly be sticking to mornings and fading out by early afternoon, rather than getting progressively worse throughout the day like it did during my first trimester! I have had a couple of evening bouts, but nothing as bad as pre-week 16 (thank Gods!).

I also had a slight episode on Thursday morning during my walk to work – I was about 3/4 of the way to the office when I suddenly felt incredibly light-headed (this was after getting out of the flat despite having a 20-minute hugging session with the loo first thing!). I stopped and did the only thing I could think of – I sat down right there on the path to keep from risking a fall if I passed out. Thankfully, a very nice lady who had parked a few cars away came out to see if I was alright and sat with me a while till I felt better – then very kindly gave me a lift the rest of the way to work (after giving me the choice of being taken home instead!). She was so lovely and I couldn’t thank her enough – a complete stranger caring enough about someone she’s never before seen in her life as to step in and lend a hand – it kind of restores ones faith in humankind! I felt progressively better as the morning wore on, but it gave me quite a scare and reminded me that I really must take things a bit more easily!

On Thursday afternoon I had my 28-week blood work appointment with the midwife (not my usual midwife as she was on holiday, but this one was just as nice). I’ll find out the results in a week or so, but as everything else seems fine I’m not particularly worried.

Earlier in the week I had a bizarre dream – it was my last day of work (which will be at the end of August) about tea-break time, and I stood up to go and get a cuppa only to find I was suddenly standing in a damp patch! I calmly declared, “Oh! It appears my waters have broken! I think I’d better go!” before waddling off (I then woke up before I found out where I was heading!).

On a slightly baby-related note, Dale passed his driving theory test last week and this week we bought our first car! It’s a very nice black, 5-door Fiat Punto and Dale is like an excited schoolboy over it, even though he can’t drive it yet. it’s one step closer to being ready for Tadpole’s inevitable arrival (which I’m increasingly thinking will be sooner rather than later – I just have a feeling that we’re going to be a titchy bit early).


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  1. Sandy said,

    That sucks your morning sickness is back…but at least it isn’t too too bad. Congrats on the car too! Hang in there…you are almost there!

    I am now eagerly awaiting your letter! I will need something to look at in the wee hours of the morning! LOL I will be posting about our first week home in a few days…it is kind of a post in progress…you can get an idea of what you are in for in a few weeks! 😀 I can’t believe Podling is almost a week old already! This week has just flown past.

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