27 weeks in…

June 28, 2008 at 9:53 am (Baby) (, , , )

Foetus at 27 weeks

It’s been something of a hectic week which has left me feeling incredibly tired and slightly irritable, not at all helped by the fact that I can never seem to get comfortable lately…

Some interesting facts about being 27 weeks pregnant:

  • There are now just 91 days till Due Date (which seems a scarily small number to me at the moment!)
  • Tadpole now weighs approximately 2lbs and measures around 14.5 inches (that’s half an inch and almost half a pound in one week!)
  • If Tad were to decide today is the day to be born, s/he would have a 90% chance of survival (which is pretty great, although I hope Tad holds on for a while yet!)
  • Tadpole’s eyes will be opening around now and s/he will possibly start to dream (that’s if The Kid ever goes to sleep!)
  • My uterus is now somewhere up near my rib cage (which explains why larger meals are now WAY out of the picture, as my stomach is getting a bit squished)

Next Thursday afternoon we’ll have our 28-week blood work appointment which will test me for things like anaemia and gestational diabetes (which I’m hoping to avoid, for obvious reasons). One of my good buddies, Sandy, has the latter and I know it’s made things a little more difficult at mealtimes (and snack times too) for her. She’s due to give birth imminently, so that will sort things out again for her (thank goodness). And then I start my antenatal classes just a couple of weeks later…

I’ve developed a definite waddle over the last few weeks – I’m walking like a duck! And getting up off the sofa or out of bed is more a question of levering myself into an upright position and then waiting a moment till my centre of gravity settles and I can move about again.

Sleeping is becoming more difficult as I cannot get comfortable very easily. I have a massive support pillow which gets shoved under my bump and then tucked between my knees, but it means Dale has far less room on the bed than usual and when I’m facing him I can’t reach over for a cuddle as easily! He also seems to think its fun to “play with the baby” at bedtime. Since Tadpole seems to get particularly kicky at night, he’s taken to tapping back gently on my tummy and getting Tadpole to respond. He thinks it’s hilarious, and it makes me giggle a bit to begin with, but sometimes I just want to go to sleep – LOL! Of course, I remind him that once Tadpole is born, if he wakes the baby while s/he’s sleeping, the screaming will fast take the fun out of it – hah!

However, yesterday was Pay Day and I discovered I had about £200 left over at the end of the month (I have no idea how that happened!), so I’m going to get some more baby clothes and bedding for Tadpole’s cot-bed (which will be arriving soon). Something nice to look forward to. 🙂


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  1. Sandy said,

    Good luck on your bloodwork! I hope you don’t have GD either! It makes it quite difficult to indulge in cravings! LOL I could really use a big brownie hot fudge sundae!

    Going in the hospital Monday to have Pebbles! I look forward to being able to eat what I want after that!

    I know all about the pillow too…Poor DH is pushed to the edge of the bed with my pillow just so I won’t wake up in pain in my hips.

    Hang in there…your getting close!

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