Yahoo News – Leading the Charge of Contradictory information…

June 22, 2008 at 9:31 am (News) (, , , )

A “Big Breakfast” as shown above is apparently “key to slimming”
Best if grilled rather than fried, though!

It never fails to make me laugh when the news contradicts itself.

Today I stumbled upon THIS article, which is a few days old, relating information on large breakfasts being key to slimming. It’s reported on Yahoo News, but quotes Sky News as the source.

It starts off saying:

The bigger and more carb-laden the meal the better, experts say.

But then does a complete turn-around and says:

“The ideal breakfast is grilled bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.
“It must be low-fat, high-protein, grilled, not fried.”
Scientist compared the ‘big breakfast’ diet with a strict low-carb weight-loss regime.

So, now I’m baffled! Which should it be? Carbs or proteins? Please make up your minds and check your facts make sense when reporting the so-called news, Yahoo / Sky – you’re going to become a laughing stock at this rate!



  1. Sandy said,

    LOL Well, any news about weight loss is contradictory. Carbs are good for the morning because it jumps starts your energy, but you do need protein to carry that energy on the rest of the day (my Dietitian told me this when I had to get counseled on gestational diabetes). I think the low fat thing is just what everyone says now days…many many of these so called “studies” aren’t based on real science anyway.

    So, you need both carbs AND protein. 🙂 Carbs for the quick boost and protein for the long haul. You want to get plenty of both. My favorite is a big scrambled egg and cheese crescent sandwich with OJ. Mmmmm….

  2. Jen said,

    Frankly, the whole diet community confounds me. Which is why I’ve gained and lost the same fifty pounds over and over. LOL.

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