26 weeks in…

June 21, 2008 at 10:59 am (Baby) (, , , )

Foetus at 26 weeks

We’re down to double-digits! Yes, that’s right – there are now 98 days till our Estimated Due Date, and I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds quite scarily close!

Some interesting facts about being 26 weeks pregnant:

  • If Tadpole were to be born today, s/he would have an 80-90% chance of survival (which is a HUGE leap up from last week!)
  • Tad now weighs about 1.6lbs and measures around 14 inches from crown to foot (Wow!)
  • The Kid’s eyes are now beginning to open and s/he is reacting more to sound (I can certainly testify to that!)

Lots of things have been happening this week. For example, I realised that my belly button has unwound (which was a bit disconcerting as when I was a kid, I firmly believed that if you unscrewed your belly button your bum would fall off!) and is now rather shallow (the dent only comes half-way up to the first knuckle on my finger!). Dale finds this hilarious, of course, and Tadpole seems to react to having a finger poked into my naval as there was an almost immediate barrage of kicks when we did that – I guess nobody likes having their space invaded!

I’ve also had quite a few very odd conversations with people I barely know:

Strange conversation number one:
You must be almost due by now?
Me: No, not till the end of September.
Person: Crikey! Are you having twins or something?

Now, I know I feel like I’m huge, but according to my measurements at my 24-week midwife appointment, I’m exactly the size I should be for this stage in pregnancy and I’m nicely within the “normal” weight-gain range. This is a conversation that drives me nuts as it makes me feel like I’m the size of a small third-world country!

Strange conversation number two:
So, what flavour?
Me: Strawberry Dick Lick from Anne Summers. Or it might have been the chocolate body paint my Mam got us for Christmas*. Oh, you didn’t mean that? No, we don’t know the sex of the baby.

OK, so I haven’t actually made that reply, but I always want to! The baby is not ice cream and I’m certain that if a hungry cannibal were to decide to dine out on Tadpole (would that be baby rack of ribs, perhaps? Sorry, a bit tasteless, but I couldn’t resist the pun!), I’m sure they’d say, “Mmm, yes, baby-flavoured!” Our local hospital has a “Don’t ask, because we won’t tell” policy in place, so we’ll be waiting till The Big Day to find out the SEX of our child. And no, I’m pretty sure I won’t be having a quick lick to determine how the baby tastes!

I have to admit, I find the constant interest of complete strangers rather scary. I don’t mean people reading my blog, but the up-close-and-personal things like someone reaching out and copping a feel of my belly without asking if it’s OK to do that first, or assuming that I want to hear their birthing horror stories when I don’t even know their name!

Anyway, back to the good stuff. We finished clearing out the nursery this week and had carpet put in, so we’re ready for the furniture to arrive! My Mam and Step Dad are very kindly buying us a cot-bed which will last Tadpole several years as a sleeping place and then convert into a small sofa for The Kid’s room, so we’re hoping to get that very soon.

I’ve also started buying in a small library of books for Tad (being an avid bibliophile, I’m determined to instill a love of books in our child from the very start!). So far I have about a dozen new books, plus a handful of old one from my own childhood which are still in very good nick, as I was careful with books even as a tot. I’m proud to be able to hand these down to my own child and hope that one day they’ll still be in readable condition for my grandkids!

* Incidentally, my mother did once get us chocolate body paint for Christmas. I think it was her not-so-veiled attempt to get us to have even more sex and thus increase her chances of becoming a grandmother!



  1. morgana13 said,

    Sounds like things are getting better this week, no mention of the kicking. what have you decided to decorate the nursery like? i didnt know the ex of my son so at first i choose green, then it went a lot of bright animal colors my little guy seemed to respond better to the bright animal prints.. oh my mom used to read to me from the time she was pregant till i could read myself it defiantly instilled the love for reading in me and i did the same for my son. i still remember my fav book as a wee lil one it was called goodnight moon.
    as for strangers touching your belly i never understood why they just think its ok it makes no sense when its not allowed any other time.
    hope your having a lovely weekend dear. ill try to get a letter out in the post this week.

  2. Sandy said,

    I never ceases to amaze me either the comments people make. If you were on the smaller side when you started of course your belly is going to “look” bigger…because it is on a little frame! LOL I was bigger when I started so a lot of people didn’t notice until just a month or so ago. The next time someone says such an asinine thing, just say “excuse me?” and walk off or pretend to burst into tears. People think it is funny…and it isn’t. We preggos are very sensitive to this kind of stuff and idiots really need to reign it in and be polite.

    As far as the belly touching…I never had the issue…but I have always tried to project myself that it wasn’t welcome. The only people who touch my belly are DH and Babyhead…everyone else seems real uncomfortable, even friends and family…so I have been lucky.

    However, I did read a story a while back where a strange woman touched another woman’s pregnant belly and the pregnant woman touched the first woman’s belly right back! The first woman asked what she (the preg. woman) thought she was doing, and the pregnant woman said she was about to ask the same thing of the first woman.

    I’m really not sure why people always asked gender if they are total strangers…it isn’t like they are going to go buy you something…

    The point is it is OK to be RUDE to those people. They, obviously, are clueless and without manners and pregnancy and babies seem to bring out the worst in people. They assume that your belly (and baby after s/he is born) is public domain and can touch and coo all over them when in fact they would never dare do that to someone who wasn’t pregnant (or have a baby).

    And no, it doesn’t get better after baby is born, I have had to give a number of little old ladies as well as younger ladies and kids “the look” when Babyhead was born. They like to get in babies faces and touch all over them…EW. I don’t know where your hands have been people! I don’t even know if you washed them when you pooped last! For all I know you have some nasty bacteria on your hands from the shopping cart!!!

    And don’t breathe in my baby’s face! I don’t know if you are a smoker and just put your cig out or have some kind of illness that can be transmitted that way and you just don’t know it yet!!! Small babies have a small immune system, I don’t want your face in my baby’s face. If for nothing else I don’t want to spend my nights awake more than I should be tending to a sick newborn/infant because you had some kind of virus that you didn’t know you had yet. It’s bad enough I have to take them to the pediatrician so often in that first year for checkups and be around sickly kids…

    The only way we could correct that behavior was to just not go out for a number of months until I was comfortable taking Babyhead out and about. Hell, I wouldn’t even let him over at the ILs for a loong time because they were chain smokers and their house reeks of smoke, not to mention they thought it was funny when the dogs licked his face…(dogs lick their butts, so I don’t want dog butt on my kid’s face). And even then when they came over for the first 3 or 4 months they HAD to wash their hands….

    Sorry, got off on a tangent. You have 98 days to go, I have a grand total of EIGHT days! Eight days and Pebbles will be here. Now THAT is scarily close! 🙂 And I am totally feeling the anxiety! LOL

  3. kell1976 said,

    Morgana – We decided not toredecorate the room that will be the nursery as we only painted it about a year ago. It’s a rom that gets a lot of light, so we’ painted it a lovely pale blue. We figure that if we have a girl, we can always put up some butterfly decals or a pink border or something. And the baby won’t be aware of what colour the room is anyway – LOL!

    Sandy – I TOTALLY understand about the dog-licking thing and the smokers breathing on the baby etc. Not wanting to sound paranoid, but I’m a bit of a freak about clean hands anyway, so NOBODY is getting grubby mitts on our child! And you must be counting down the seconds by now! Best of luck for the next wee while (I know you don’t need it, but I wish it anyway) – I bet you can hardly wait to hold Pebbles in your arms!

  4. Sarah said,

    I have no doubt that Tadpole is going to be a great reader! 🙂

    And for some reason, I have a strong feeling that you are having a girl. I can’t wait to find out if I’m right! Tee hee hee!

  5. marathonleap said,

    Surfing around and found your site – looks like our due dates are not far off. I havent had a single person say something to me like this yet. Im totally not cool with people in my busines, especially strangers … and I know when it happens I am going to want to punch their lights out. Yet I have to secretly admit, I do want it to happen just once 🙂 I know everyone gets it!


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