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May 29, 2008 at 8:56 am (News) (, , , , )

Missing – Madeleine McCann

Call me heartless, callous and cruel if you like, but it seems well overdue to me that the McCanns may face charges of neglect and abandonment over the case of their missing daughter, Madeleine. Yes, it’s tragic that their very young daughter disappeared, but the fact remains that they left her and her younger siblings alone in an unlocked apartment while they and their friends dined elsewhere. It does not matter that they claim they regularly checked on their children – they left them alone in a foreign country while they went out to have fun with their friends.

Of course, chances are that this charge will never actually come about, but I sincerely hope it does. Just because the McCanns are a professional, middle-class couple, doesn’t mean that they should be treated any differently than a poor, working class family in the same position. Had they both been on the dole, you can bet they would have been vilified and crucified by the press. Instead, they have access to a large fund set up by well-wishers and the sympathy of most of the media, and when the media tried to turn, the McGanns pressed charges against them and got a public apology.

It is my opinion (and I freely accept it is not the opinion of everyone else) that those who neglect their children do not deserve apologies. They should be investigated by social services and the safety of their other children should be taken into consideration too.

I actually think it rather criminal that it has taken more than a year for the authorities to even consider pressing these charges against them.



  1. Michelle said,

    I know that this has split people, but I do agree Kell.. I can never see that it’s ok to leave small children alone. We go on holidays as a family, and if we were friends, we’d either ALL go out together, or take it turns to babysit.

  2. Sandy said,

    I agree too. It isn’t like they were just in the next room…they weren’t even close. I think they also used the “well, people do it where we are from all the time” defense…I HATE that defense that just because they are from out of country they should have special treatment or be able to act as they wish. We are human beings, not lemmings.

    The point is, there are tons of people out there that like to abuse/abduct and harm children. I am not saying you need them on a leash all the time, but use some common sense and don’t leave your kids alone like that especially beings that they were small children.

    I do feel sorry for them that they lost one of their children…it is a horrible thing for a parent to endure (once I thought we “lost” Babyhead…that is another scary story”) and it is a shame that this poor little girl is going through who knows what (I just hope it was someone who wanted to raise a little girl and not harm one) because of their negligence.

    However, something needs to be done if for nothing else to protect the other children.

  3. Jen said,

    That whole thing was appalling and the fact that they haven’t found that little girl is so sad.

  4. Nici said,

    Kell sorry to post unrelated but I have tagged you!



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