22 weeks in…

May 24, 2008 at 4:33 pm (Baby) (, , , )

Foetus at 22 weeks

It’s been rather a busy week at work so I’ve been extra-glad of the excuse to take short breaks every now and then when Tadpole has been particularly active through the day! Yes, Tad has been having a bit of a party time in my tum over the last few days. Our attempts to make a Eurovision fan our our baby have been fun – on Tuesday night, during the first leg of the semi-finals, Tad wouldn’t keep still, but throughout the second leg on Thursday, there was barely a nudge, so The Kid obviously wasn’t very impressed with the performances that night and was having a bit of a sulk (and I had to agree with the little tyke’s thoughts on the performances, they really were below expectations!). We’ve also discovered that Tadpole dances about a fair bit whenever we listen to The Cars (one of our favourite bands), so there’s certainly evidence of good musical taste there!

And if anyone thinks that subjecting our unborn child to the Eurovision Song Contest is cruelty, well, we have to give the kid something to talk about in future therapy sessions! 😉

Some interesting facts about being 22 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole now measures about 11 inches from crown to toe (no wonder I’ve been feeling those kicks!)
  • Tad now weighs almost 1 lb (so the other 10 lbs I’ve gained over the last 22 weeks are not baby then)
  • Tad now looks like a miniature newborn (although a fair bit wrinkly as s/he won’t have much in the way of fat yet)

Apparently I should expect to gain around 0.5 lbs each week from this point onwards, and I’ve just checked and discovered that my weight gain is nicely within the expected range for this point in pregnancy (between 12 and 15lbs is to be expected), although I already think I look abnormally huge already! All my weight seems to have been added to the front in the form of boobs (which have always been generous, but are now MASSIVE) and belly (which is very large and round and on some days feels excessively heavy already). I saw one of my friends for the first time in several weeks and she said I looked like I was almost due! Not that it bothers me – I’d rather look obviously pregnant than simply fat!

I do, however, get the feeling that Tadpole might just decide to put in an early appearance. Although my due date is 27 September, I think that Tad might get a bit impatient to come into the world about a week earlier than that. We shall see…



  1. Michelle said,

    I used to get the opposite.. always being told I didn’t look very big (belly wise), and I knew that my boobs hardly changed!

    I love your updates, and am glad to hear things continue to go well.

  2. kell1976 said,

    Aww, thanks, Michelle. I enjoy writing these weekly updates as it’ll also give me something to look back on and tell Tadpole when s/he is older too.

    Everyone keeps telling me I’m “blooming”. I translate that as “huge” LOL!

  3. Sandy said,

    When they are talking about blooming they may be talking about the pregnant glow as well. 🙂

    I know all about the belly feeling heavy…they do make maternity support belts (they are similar to a back brace) that can help alleviate the heaviness if it gets uncomfortable (it may as you get bigger).

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