Eurovision Semi-Final 2

May 22, 2008 at 9:35 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, , , , )

“This year, the 2nd Eurovision Semi-finalists will mostly be wearing black and silver…”

Mostly monochrome on display tonight, with a hint of red in several shades. Overall I was a little disappointed – despite this leg of the semi-final having the better selection of songs, the performances just weren’t as good as those on Tuesday night, which was very surprising. Dale  and I did quite well in our predictions – I managed to pick 6 winners, but Dale topped that and accurately predicted 8 of them! So, which ones went through tonight?

  • Iceland – gave a good, solid performance
  • Sweden – not as good a performance as we expected, but still our favourite song to win the whole thing if she does well on the night
  • Turkey – well-chuffed to see this excellent rock track go through – the lads gave a crowd-pleasing performance
  • Ukraine – arguably the best performance of the evening.  If they perform this well on Saturday they might just walk away with the top spot!
  • Albania – a surprise to me – the youngest performer in the show at 17 years old
  • Latvia – the pirates were a sure-fire hit despite a lacklustre rendition of their jolly-rogering song
  • Croatia – I suspect this was the “wild card” as it featured an old man shouting a lot!
  • Denmark – I could  almost hear Mika singing “Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you like me?” all the way through this one
  • Georgia – Featured an inexplicably quick-change as part of this excellent performance
  • Portugal – neither one of us predicted this bland song would make the cut

So, what happened to my other favourites?

  • Czech Republic – the vocals were flat most of the time, although it wasn’t quite an embarrassment on the scale of the UK’s Gemini entry a few years back!
  • Belarus – again, flat vocals were the undoing of this entry
  • Bulgaria – more off-key moments, which is a shame because this woman has an amazing voice
  • Malta – I can’t understand why this one didn’t go through instead of Portugal! It was a fantastic performance with plenty of energy!

Still, Saturday should still hold plenty of excitement for Eurovision fans. This year there is a slightly more even spread of representation in the final, with Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden all getting through for the North; and Poland, Greece, Denmark and Portugal all joining the “Big Four” of the UK, France, Germany and Spain to represent the non-Eastern areas – the line-up is not quite so East-heavy as it was last year! It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

I’m still touting Sweden for the top spot, but the Ukraine could be hot on their tail, and I think that first-timers, Azerbaijan, will do quite well. And I still reckon the UK could manage a top-10 showing in the end.


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