Eurovision Semi-Final 1

May 20, 2008 at 9:36 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, , , , )

In the end I only missed the first five acts of the first semi-final, and fortunately my lovely hubby is as much of a saddo, sorry, fan, as I am of Eurovision, so he was watching before I got home from my class.

This year sees the first time that the semi-final (still relatively new anyway) has been split in two. This was done to make things a bit more fair by eliminating the block voting that was already becoming de rigeur (last year it was all the Eastern European countries that made it into the final as they all voted for one another). This year you can only vote in the semi-final in which your country is participating, which meant that Ireland and the UK couldn’t vote for each other – and neither could all the usual neighbourly / political voters.

So, both semi-finals scheduled to have 19 countries competing – but only 10 going through from each to the final!

Tonight was definitely the weaker selection, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was mostly the better songs / performances that went through. And I’d just like to take this opportunity to shout IRELANDE NIL POINTES! That turkey of a performance by – yes, you’ve guessed it – a turkey was a disgrace and I’m very glad to say it did NOT go through! So who did make the cut?

  • Israel – an excellent performance without a single duff note.
  • Azerbaijan – quite possibly the most amazing vocal range I’ve ever heard from anyone, male or female, and an awesome, show-stopping performance.
  • Norway – nicely performed – natural and un-forced – sounded a little like Duffy.
  • Poland – bit of a naff performance and a non-descript song.
  • Bosnia and Herzogovina – absolutely dire and an undeserved spot in the final.
  • Armenia – good song, but not the best performance – rather disappointing.
  • Finland – and the metal-heads go through! Hurrah!
  • Romania – a bit Renee and Renata, but good vocal performances.
  • Russia – over-rated performer and song which is hotly tipped for the top-spot in the final.
  • Greece – very strong performance – the Greek Britney Spears.

Seeing as how all the really good songs got put into the 2nd semi-final (which will be held on Thursday night), it looks like this year’s final could be very, very interesting viewing!

Kell’s hot tips for the 2nd semi-final:

  • Iceland
  • Sweden (actually my hot tip to win the whole thing!)
  • Turkey (totally rockin’ track)
  • Ukraine
  • Latvia (because they’re a lot of fun)
  • Bulgaria
  • Georgia (it’s a message song sung by a blind woman)
  • Malta
  • Belarus
  • Czech Republic

I also predict the UK finishing in the top 10 in the final (it’s definitely the strongest entry from the automatic contenders).


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