21 weeks in…

May 17, 2008 at 8:26 pm (Baby) (, , , )

Foetus at 21 weeks

We’ve had some rather bonny weather over the last couple of weeks and I’ve discovered that I feel the heat with even the slightest rise in temperature. It turns out that carrying a baby is like having your own, personal internal mini-radiator. I’ve also definitely noticed I’m slowing up a fair bit in walking – it takes me a good extra five minutes to get to work these days, so I’m estimating that by the time I go on maternity leave, I’ve be taking almost three-quarters of an hour to get to the office!

Some interesting facts about being 21 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is now measured from crown to foot and is approximately 10.5 inches long and weighs about three-quarters of a pound
  • Eyebrows and eyelids are now fully developed and fingernails now cover the fingertips
  • Tadpole can now hear our voices (which is nice to know, because I’ve started reading aloud The Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter every now and then, and also hum and sing to Tad when I’m alone!)

Things that have happened this week:

We had a bit of a disappointing 20-week scan due to our sonographer being a bit crap, but will be having another scan at 22 weeks. Fortunately, though, we were told that everything seems to be fine with Tadpole who is growing nicely.

I have been getting some really strange feelings down low that felt like Tadpole was curling up into a tight ball and then doing a quick star jump. I read today that this is actually Braxton Hicks contractions! Don’t worry – they’re completely different from labour contractions, so I’ll not be inadvertently giving birth!

Tadpole is also continuing to kick me rather hard, but we’re not feeling it on the outside just yet (although, i’ll be very surprised if we don’t start feeling it within the next few weeks as I’m really taking quite a battering!). The only thing that seems to settle Tadpole when s/he is in a kicking mood is if Dale rubs my belly. It doesn’t work if it’s me doing the rubbing, it has to be Dale! Thanks to this little trick, we’re able to get Tad to settle down long enough for me to get to sleep at nights. 🙂



  1. Sandy said,

    I remember when I was preggo with Babyhead…it was winter when I was the most hot (remember, he was due on Yule)…anyway…DH would complain about me radiating heat and he would sweat at night! LOL It is the increase in blood volume as well as your heart working more. It’s actually been more on the nice/cool side here so I haven’t been too hot…but of course she is due in JULY…so I still have a while to get really good and toasty!

    If you think you are slow now…wait until baby gets really big and your belly starts to make you waddle…you feel like you are going to fall over! LOL

    Braxton Hicks are really fun aren’t they? With Babyhead they weren’t too bad unless I was walking a bit at a fair pace…with this one they are killers and just take my breath away like I am doing sit ups…but never going down just holding the up position. It isn’t painful but sometimes I do feel a burn. 🙂 If they are ever really uncomfortable try to sit or lay down for a few minutes and they should ease up.


  2. kell1976 said,

    I usually get them when I’m sitting or lying down – LOL! It’s funy though, I’ll get a couple and then nothing for the rest of the day. They don’t hurt, they just feel kind of sudden and BIG in comparison to even the harder kicks I’m getting, so I get a bit of a jolt and, you’re right, it kind of takes the breath away!

    And I’m fighting the development of a waddle at the moment, however, I think it’s a losing battle – LOL!

  3. Sandy said,

    Yea, they kinda start out mild, but as you get farther along they can even hurt to a degree (or at least that is what I am told). Mine never hurt, but sometimes I just can’t breathe. They almost never happen when I am still (though sometimes they do) it is usually when I am doing something…but it could be something as simple as walking to the bathroom!

    We went to the mall yesterday and DH was talking about my waddle. I told him it was hard not to being 33 weeks in and my lower back always hurting and my hips always cramping. 🙂 I was able to walk pretty normal with Babyhead for a long time…but I have been waddling with this one for the past 2 months…LOL.

    Don’t worry, most people think pregnant women are cute when they waddle…so it isn’t totally a bad thing as long as you keep good posture. 🙂

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