20-week scan

May 13, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Baby) (, , , , , )

Today we reached another major milestone – the 20-week scan (we’re actually 20 weeks and 3 days in, if the calculations are correct).

It was completely amazing to see just how much Tadpole has grown since the 12-week scan (when we discovered I was 13 weeks and 3 days in)! Last time we had all of Tad on the screen at once, this time we had to be content with seeing just bits of our Karate Kid at any given time. Unfortunately, the scans weren’t particularly clear, but from what could be seen, the sonographer determined that Tad is growing well and everything seems to be in the right place, which is always a relief to hear! We were treated to a very cute profile of Tad’s face and it looks like Tad’s inheriting my nose, rather than Dale’s, from what we could see, and at one point it looked like we were getting a wave from the little’un.

As the pictures weren’t all that clear, not all the checks were able to be made (for example the sonographer could only get a clear picture of one of the kidneys), although we were told not to worry about this as if she thought there were any problems she’d be referring us to a doctor – which she didn’t. Instead, I get to go for another scan in another couple of weeks, which means we get to look in on our kid again then.

I also got the results of the 16-week blood work back. I’m A-positive, so I don’t need any of the injections of anti-D that are required when a mother’s blood type is negative. I tested negative for all major diseases (phew!) and my rubella vaccinations are all up to date, so we’re safe on that score. We were also told we’re extremely low-risk for spina bifida and Downs syndrome. We had already assumed everything was fine and dandy there, as the surgery would have contacted us if there had been any potential bad news, so we weren’t worried about any of that.

I was also reassured that despite my slight heart murmur, there should be no problem with me using a TENS machine for pain relief during labour, and that my on-going passing-out problem shouldn’t be too problematic if I wanted an epidural (as they have my medical notes, the anaesthetist would just have to make sure I had meds available to combat any sudden drop in my blood pressure that might cause me to black out – incidentally, my blood pressure is fine too). So, I now feel I can start making more informed decisions about my choices for labour and once I’ve spoken to my midwife again to discuss what is available at the labour ward. I’ll also have regular checks to monitor the small fibroid I have, which means more scans further down the line just to make sure it won’t cause an obstacle whilst I’m  giving birth!

And with that, I’ll finish this entry as Tadpole is currently giving me a jolly good kicking, so it’s obviously time for my bath.

(Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, the picture at the top is NOT of my pregnant belly – it’s just a nice picture I found on Google images. I promise I’ll have a pic taken within the next few weeks though!)



  1. 20-week scan said,

    […] fieldy wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt(Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, the picture at the top is NOT of my pregnant belly – it’s just a nice picture I found on Google images. I promise I’ll have a pic taken within the next few weeks though!) […]

  2. Sandy said,

    Yesterday the tech couldn’t get a good pic of Babygirl either when I had to go in to check her size (Gestational diabetes tends to make big babies). We didn’t get a good look at her face because she was asleep with her hands in front of her face! LOL

    Anyway, good to hear everything is ok. Most of the time it is. 🙂 Maybe you can get a better picture next time!

  3. kell1976 said,

    I’m hoping so, Sandy! We only got one even half-decent clear pic this time round – the rest I can’t even tell what they’re supposed to be of – LOL! Our sonographer wasn’t particularly brilliant either – at one point I asked “Is the baby sucking its thumb there?” and she just replied,”I don’t know – I’m not looking at that” (the shot was basically of Tad’s head – it filled the screen!). She was also very quiet so we could hardly hear her and had to keep asking her to repeat herself. I’m also a lot more tender this time than I was last time – I feel ike I’ve got big bruises all over my belly (although there’s not a mark on me as yet). Anyway, we’re just hoping we get a better sonographer next time round and get better views – and getting excited because we get to see Tad again so soon! 🙂

  4. Sarah said,

    Congratulations, Kell! I’m so glad everything is going well with little Tadpole!

  5. Michelle said,

    I loved my scans! :0)
    As I think I’ve said before, I had all sorts of problems with low blood pressure, feeling faint etc (and still do).. and my epidurals were fine.

  6. Sandy said,

    I know about the soreness. Because my placenta was covering my cervix a bit they have to check that…and she always has to push on my csection scar and it is AGONY. Apparently that is normal for csections but still! I feel sore for hours afterward. This last time I just felt sick and was so glad when she was done! LOL Your belly may just be feeling sore from stretching to accommodate baby too. That always comes and goes with me…I can always tell when she hits a growth spurt! LOL

    We have been very lucky with all our techs who did our scans of Babyhead and this one…this time around it has been the same woman every single time (except for the time we were in the ER) and she was so nice! She always tries to get us good pictures and I think she was more disappointed than we were when we didn’t get one this time. BUT, I have to go back in a month so maybe we can get one then…but then it will be close to time for her debut anyway! LOL

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    […] as how the sonographer couldn’t get a very clear view of everything she needed to at our 20-week scan, we were back in the scanning room again today. Of course, our squiggly little Tadpole did not want […]

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