20 weeks in…

May 10, 2008 at 1:50 pm (Baby) (, , , , )

Foetus at 20 weeks

This week, Tadpole has decided it’s a lot of fun to wait till I’m settled in bed and then decide that s/he isn’t comfortable – and give me a jolly good kicking till I move! But it doesn’t matter which position I adopt – none of them are good enough for our little Tadpole – more kicking ensues after about 2 minutes (which is just long enough for me to start thinking, “hey, maybe I will get to sleep tonight!”). And the kicks are really good and hard now too! There’s hardly any of that faint, fluttery, scurrying feeling any more – it’s just mighty whacks to my insides. If the kid keeps this up, then I’ll be black and blue on the outside within the next few weeks – and there’s still another 20 weeks to go!

I’m actually enjoying being pregnant these days. I got a comment from one of the directors at work this week (the only female director we have) who said she’d finally figured out that “congratulations are due!” I laughed and said, “So, did you just think I was getting really, really fat?!” She smiled and replied that usually she saw me sitting down or from behind, so she hadn’t really noticed my expanding belly. Other comments usually come in the form of, “You’re really blooming these days!” My take on that is that they reallymean, “You’re getting really BIG these days!”, but everyone swears they mean I’m glowing. I’m putting that down to my fabulous new makeup (I ordered some Sheer Cover stuff and I have to say – it really is fantastic! Just a free plug there for the stuff).

Some interesting fact about being 20 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is now approximately 6.5 inches from crown to rump (notice there’s no measurement of legs included there – our kid seems to have very long, very strong legs, judging by the karate kicks…)
  • Tad is currently sporting a coat of vernix caseosa (white, waxy substance that protects the skin whilst our baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid)
  • I’ve started getting just a little out of breath when I go up a flight of stairs – something that doesn’t usually happen, so I’m putting it down to Tadpole!

Since the latest question on everyone’s lips seems to be, “So, have you chosen names yet?”, I thought I’d let everyone know that, yes, we have chosen names. We picked them out weeks ago – a first and middle name for a girl and the same for a boy. And no, we’re not going to tell anyone what they are until Tadpole is safely out in the big, wide world, so don’t ask!

What I will do, however, is let you in on some of the names that didn’t get chosen, although these ones did make it onto the shortlist.

Firstly, we decided we didn’t want to choose a name that began with either of our own initials, so names beginning with K or D were out straight off (which took out a few of the names I’d pinned for finalists). As were names beginning with S, as we didn’t want our kid to be landed with the initials SS (also, there’s always the chance of a lisp and when your last name is Smurthwaite, that’s going to be hard enough work without being called “Thophie Thmurthwaite”). The last criteria was that we didn’t want to name Tadpole after anyone else in the family (which took out another few potoential names that I really liked):

Girls’ names that didn’t make it:

  • Hannah
  • Dylan (it’s a “D” name)
  • Morgan (Dale didn’t like it)
  • Litha (sounded too much like a lispy “Lisa”)
  • Maya / Maia
  • Abby (no, not Abigail – just Abby)

Boys’ names that didn’t make it:

  • Dylan (yes, I liked it for a boy OR a girl, but its a “D” name)
  • Tom (my Great-Granddad’s name was Thomas)
  • Jack (Dale’s Dad is known as Jack)
  • Connor
  • Rhys (no good having your first name finish with the first letter of your last name)
  • Yule (Dale really hated this one)

So, there you go – none of these names were chosen in the end, whether because one of us didn’t like them, or they didn’t fit the aforementioned criteria even though we both liked them. We finally settled on the only names on which we both agreed. The girl’s name was far easier – there was one name we knew we both loved and I came up with a middle name that went very well with it and, much to my surprise, Dale loved it too. The boy’s name was more difficult – Dale came up with a middle name instantly (it’s definitely not first-name material) that I agreed, and I came up with a first name that Dale decided he liked and that went well with the previously-chosen middle name. So we were both happy. Of course, whether or not Tadpole agrees with our choice when s/he is older is another matter entirely. then again, neither Dale or I have ever liked our own names – why should our kid be any different?



  1. Sandy said,

    Ugh…just the beginning with the kicks…the theory is that when you are awake and moving around it rocks them to sleep…so when you are still they wake up. Babygirl loves to kick my rib bones or hip bones…and she kicks HARD…and jars my whole skeleton! Sometimes she get going in there so much it makes me sick to my stomach…lol.

    I agree on the name thing too… we told our family only because they are insane and would irritate us to no end (like that did with the baby registry that no one will buy off of anyway). We have a name picked out, but I won’t publish it until later just because I am superstitious. 🙂

    Don’t worry about the names. I have always LIKED my name. I can’t ever remember not liking it because it always look happy when I wrote it down. I am SOO glad you guys understood the initial thing. My ex-husband’s initials are A.S.S. And he was one too. LOL Cliff said something about choosing a name for baby girl where her initials were L.O.L. or R.O.F.L. I told him…Um…No.

    20 down and 20 to go!

  2. Nici said,

    Robbie would always kick me when it was time for sleep, the only way he would stop was for me to lie on my side with his dad lying behind me with his hand on my tummy. Robbie would then curl up in his hand and go to sleep!

    Very sweet really!

  3. kell1976 said,

    Sandy – My Mam, when she got married to my Dad, became SS – it drummed home the whole importance of wactjhing for initials as well as strange or silly-sounding names!

    Nici – That’s the only way Tadpole calms down too! Unfortunately, Dale goes to sleep very quickly and turns over onto his back once he’s asleep. I’m still awake – and so is Tadpole! If only me and Tad could drift off first, with Dale’s hand on my bump, we’d maybe ALL get some decent shut-eye!

  4. Sandy said,

    Happy Mother’s Day Kell… Remember, you and Dale get an extra holiday from now on! LOL

  5. kell1976 said,

    Aww, thanks, Sandy. Our Mothers’ Day was back in March though (we seem to have a different date from USA for some reason). My Mam sent me a Mothers’ Day e-card that was just lovely. 🙂

  6. Sandy said,

    I figured it was a different day…lol But wanted to wish it anyway. 🙂

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