19 weeks in…

May 3, 2008 at 10:43 am (Baby) (, , , )

Foetus at 19 weeks

The frantic pace of activity at work never ceases and I’m finding that I get tired by around 3-o-clock in the afternoon these days, which isn’t ideal as there are still another two hours of work to do and, on Tuesdays, I have my shorthand class too! Actually, I’ll admit, I have to fight to stay awake in class and I was very glad the class was cancelled this week, as I was able to go home and crash out on the sofa instead!

Tadpole continues to turn somersaults throughout the day, but mostly remains quite quiet at night, The midnight trips to the loo still haven’t abated and aren’t helped by the fact that I wake up thirsty, so I add to my next trip before I’ve even got back into bed! I’m also hungry a lot more of the time, but fortunately, I haven’t put on too much weight (from my calculations I’ve only put on about 7lbs since the beginning of the year, which seems about right from all the various bits of bumph I’ve read.

And apparently, we’re officially at the half-way mark! I had been thinking of twenty weeks as having the bun in my oven half-baked, but according to the weekly progress email I received this morning, this is the half-way mark after all!

Some interesting fact about being 19 weeks pregnant:

  • The top of my uterus now reaches my bellybutton and will continue to grow at a rate of about 1cm each week (Wow! That’s pretty fact!)
  • Tadpole is about 6 inches from crown to rump (surely that can’t be right – it said that last week too!) and weighs about 9oz (so there’s been a weight gain, but no length gain? How odd!)
  • Cells for sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are all developing in their specialised areas of the brain and Tadpole is starting to get used to the sound of my voice (I’d better start reading to Tadpole – gotta instill a love of literature in the kid!)

Things that have happened this week:

Actually, not much new has happened this week – Tadpole is still somersaulting around in there and I find it difficult to get comfortable in bed at night, but I’m finding things a little easier with the use of my giant support pillow – really, I highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant! I’m slowly getting back into reading again, but only in short bursts, and I quickly forget what’s happening in whatever book I’m reading – I guess the mumnesia is really kicking in big time! And finally, my new DVDs finally arrived – Pilates in Pregnancy and Yoga for Pregnancy – so I’ll be giving them a tryout over the next few weeks. I’ll let you know how I get on with them!



  1. Sandy said,

    19 weeks could be considered halfway because you are considered full term at 38 weeks or so (some doctors consider you full term at 36 weeks). But, you have to remember that baby could show up at anywhere form 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after your due date! You may have a week or two longer than you think, or not. πŸ™‚

    The uncomfortable-ness will just get worse…I hate to tell you. LOL Make sure to roll out of bed…make sure your feet are underneath you before you get up. Push up with your arms to sit up straight in bed as well. You may not need to do that now, but trust me, as T gets bigger, you will need to. πŸ™‚ Be careful as well as you are definitely getting into the really clumsier stage. Around this time with Babyhead I fell down a step! I couldn’t see my feet well and one got caught on the lip of the threshold…I landed on my knees and hands (good thing) but I landed hard and my knees and wrists hurt for days. Just be careful!

  2. kell1976 said,

    LOL – I’m a clumsy oaf at the best of times, but I have noticed I’m walking into things even more than usual – I wind up with loads of bruises on my shins from walking into low tables all the time!

    I’m already doing the whole rolling-over-sideways thing before I get up – I can’t just lever myself up from lying down any more, and I can’t sleep flat on my back either – I have to sleep on my side, which is quite uncomfortable for me (in my pre-pregnant state, I most often slept on my stomach – if I did that now I’d be like a tortoise on its back – LOL!).

    I’ve decided that within the next few weeks I’ll have to take a picture of my growing bump – I feel ridiculously big even just now and I’m only half-way there!

  3. Sandy said,

    I am so with you on the sleeping on the stomach thing. If I lay on my back I feel like I am being crushed (they tell you not to do that…but I don’t know anyone who would want to torture themselves that way anyway being pregnant) and stomach sleeping is out of the question for obvious reasons one of which is I don’t want to resemble a see-saw.

    So, we are left with side sleeping which creates pain in my hips where I am constantly tossing and turning trying to alleviate the pain in either hip. At this point pillows don’t help as it is the hip that I am laying on that hurts (just had a night of that last night actually). The one thing that is actually comfortable it laying on my back with a small flat pillow under my right hip to shift her off my center and put a pillow under my belly for support. It offers some relief…but you can only do that if you are alone in the bed or have a BIG bed for all the pillows AND DH. LOL

  4. kell1976 said,

    LOL – with me it’s the shoulders that ache more than anything – they’re not used to me balancing on them at night! I wake up as often to shift position as I do to go and pee!

  5. Sandy said,

    LOL I know that feeling too…my left arm always falls asleep. I don’t have any advice for you there!


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