Earth Day

April 22, 2008 at 6:08 am (Life gets in the way..., Shameless Plugs) (, , , , )

The wheel of the year has turned once more and it’s Earth Day again – a world-wide day celebrating Mother Earth when we can (and should) all consider the little differences we can each make to live greener lives.

Whether you decide to ditch the car and use public transport today; choose to walk or cycle to work for a change; take a trip to your nearest recycling centre with all your waste paper, glass and plastic; plant a tree or some garden plants; buy organic produce when you do your shopping today; or countless other little changes that can easily be made, do it TODAY!

There are Earth Day events planned all over the place, but you don’t have to attend one of those to do your bit. Just use your noggin and think about that small but significant contribution you can make. After all, if everyone in the world did one thing, imagine the huge difference that would make! Start it off yourself.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

You can find out more about the history of Earth Day HERE.
If you’d like some handy hints on how to live a greener life, have a look HERE.


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