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April 21, 2008 at 4:37 pm (Shameless Plugs) (, , , )

A couple of years back, I took part in Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life in Aberdeen. I ran in memory of my Great Grandad who died of cancer when I was just six months old – I never had the chance to know him. I had planned to follow it up with a repeat run last year, but was unable due to the timing conflicting with other arrangements, which was rather disheartening.

I now have even more of a reason for continuing to support this worthy cause, as my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Fortunately, it was caught very early and they were able to operate and remove the tumour entirely. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will also have a course of radiotherapy later in the year. We’re very lucky – my Aunt is now doing very well and should have a full recovery.

Others are not so lucky.

Cancer Research UK makes a real difference – pouring money, time and resources into the never-ending search for a cure for all cancers. They largely rely on contributions from generous people like you and me and spend over £22 million each year on that research. There has been great progress made in recent years, but they still need more help – that’s why I’m making a shameless plug right here on my blog.

This year, I’ll be heavily pregnant come Race Day, so I’m having to miss out again. However, my very good friend, Kerry Elder, has entered and I have willingly sponsored her some well-deserved cash. If you would like to sponsor Kerry, you can do so on-line HERE.

Or, if you would like to take part in Race For Life yourself, you can find a race near you HERE.

Thank you.


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  1. Nici said,

    This is truly worthwhile charity. My sister does the Race for Life each year.

    Robbie has always wanted to do it as well but unfortunately he can’t as he is a boy!

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