The Karate Kid Kicks!

April 17, 2008 at 5:56 am (Baby, Music, Film and Television) (, , , , )

Last night saw another first – Tadpole kicked hard enough for it to be felt on the outside!

I was lounging on the sofa, last thing at night before bed, watching an old episode of Jonathan Creek (I have a bit of a thing for Alan Davies, I’ll admit to that!), with my hand resting low down on my tummy, when I felt a pulse against my palm. I was a little shocked as it was so unexpected – I though maybe in the next couple of weeks I’d start feeling that, but not right now!

So, I called Dale over quickly to make sure I hadn’t imagined it. I gently pressed his hand to the same spot and within seconds he was treated to a double-kick!

So, our little Karate Kid is already practicing the Stork Stance (all together now, “Wax on; wax off!”). Or perhaps we have a mini Mike Portnoy in there practicing for that first drumkit…



  1. Sandy said,

    Isn’t it cool…and a little weird? 🙂 Soon enough you will be able to put a cup and saucer on your belly and have it kicked off. Sometimes you can drink a little juice and they will kick a little more and sometimes if you poke back they will kick harder.

    I remember with Babyhead, he was most active in the middle of the night. One morning DH asked me why I kept poking him in the back all night…and I said that I didn’t poke him at all…and he realized that while I was snuggled next to his back (as close as a pregnant woman can snuggle) Babyhead was kicking the crap out of him…probably because he was getting squished between us! LOL

  2. kell1976 said,

    I spent half the night wide awake, waiting to see if Tadpole would do it again, but I think the kid went to sleep! There have been another few kicks again today – Tad either really loved it or really hated it when I had curry for dinner (I choose to believe it was love for the hot stuff!) as there were several good thumps in a row whilst we were eating. As I type, Tad is at it again. It’s a really funny feeling though – it’s kind of distracting when you’re trying to think what you’re typing!

  3. Sandy said,

    lol He/She may have been kicking last night but just not in a place you can feel it. In the beginning it takes a lot to feel them…then as they get bigger you can pretty much feel them no matter where they kick! At this point he/she may be kicking around the placenta or your back…which you may not feel just yet. Don’t worry…it gets worse…I mean better! LOL It’s always fun when they kick your diaphragm and lungs and knock the wind out of you!

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