15 weeks in…

April 5, 2008 at 4:00 pm (Baby) (, , , , , , )

Foetus at 15 weeks

Foetus at 15 weeks

So, yes, 15 weeks. 3/8ths of the way through my pregnancy (assuming my pregnancy lasts exactly 40 weeks, which is the average). The horrid sickness is now almost completely gone, with only an occasional twinge of nausea on an evening when I’m particularly tired; and I’m no longer tired all the time, although I do get tired quite quickly.

Some interesting facts about being 15 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is now approximately 4 inches long (talk about a growth spurt!)
  • Tadpole can get the hiccups from drawing in amniotic fluid whilst getting into practice for breathing after entering the world outside
  • Fingernails are now fully formed and all limbs and joints can now move freely
  • By this stage in pregnancy, the average woman gains between 5lbs and 10lbs (I’ve gained 5.5lbs since I weighed myself at Christmas, so I guess I’m right on target!)

Things that have happened this week:

  • I attended an antenatal physio class with other pregnant women who were at roughly the same stage of pregnancy as me (some first-timers, some on their second pregnancy, and one woman carrying twins). It was very interesting and informative, and it was confirmed that yoga and Pilates are both very good forms of exercise throughout pregnancy, as they strengthen the core muscles and aid relaxation. We also had drummed into us the importance of pelvic floor muscle exercises (which I have always done anyway, so I was quite proud of myself!).
  • I checked out some antenatal yoga and Pilates DVDs on Amazon and will be buying them when I get paid next.
  • I can no longer comfortably lie on my back in bed for any length of time.
  • I felt Tadpole move for the first time on Wednesday morning whilst waiting for the other mums to arrive at the physio class. At first I thought it was just a tiny muscle spasm, really low down inside, but then it happened again a few times later that day. Thursday and Friday I felt more of the same and more regularly, especially at night when I was lying in bed. The twitches have continued throughout today and I’m now convinced it’s Tadpole practicing Kung Fu or something in there!

So, quite an important milestone was hit this week – Tadpole dancing a little jig in my belly! It feels completely strange, but really wonderful at the same time and it makes me smile. Note: Tad seems to like hot chocolate and steak, as I’ve had a fair old bit of activity whilst having those yesterday, and also seemed quite excited by the Grand National this afternoon, judging my the fluttering I got down there as the horse Dale backed came in first (perhaps Tad was performing a little victory roll or something). Now I can hardly wait for the next annual televisiual highlight – The Eurovision Song Contest in May – as Tad will be able to hear things going on outside. Do I feel guilty at the thought of subjecting my unborn child to Eurovision? Hell, no! Gotta get in there as soon as possible and make a lifelong fan of our child – just like Mum and Dad!



  1. Michelle said,

    They do pick up on things.. I remember getting REALLY upset one evening because I thought I’d broken our new computer.. and little Beth in my belly was jumping about loads! Poor thing.. I stressed her out!

  2. Sarah said,

    How wonderful that you felt Tadpole moving! You make me wish I was pregnant…well, not really. 🙂

  3. Karen said,

    Your pregnancy related posts are fantastic. You can actually sense your excitement in them.

  4. kell1976 said,

    Thanks for your comments, guys. 🙂 It is rather exciting (at least, it is for me – LOL!). Being a first-timer and a total novice when it comes to kids and babies, it’s all completely new to me, so everything comes as a bit of a surprise, even though I’ve been reading up on all this stuff – it’s different when it actually happens to you…

  5. Justine said,

    omg I am so clucky right now and just remembering that first ‘flutter’ – *squee*, I wish I had that instead of the period pain I have right now!

  6. kell1976 said,

    I don’t envy you, Justine – I have always had the most horrendous period pains so that’s one thing I’m DEFINITELY not missing now that I’m officially a member of The Pudding Club! I hope you have a hot water bottle and lots of chocolate handy to make you feel better.

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