14 weeks in…

March 29, 2008 at 10:10 am (Baby) (, , )

14 weeks pregnant

Foetus at 14 weeks

Isn’t time flying? All of a sudden I’m 14 weeks pregnant and into my second trimester (which, apparently, is usually the easiest of the three – hurrah!). It’s true, I have been feeling a lot better over the last week or so – I’ve hardly had any nausea (just a couple of evenings late on, which I’m putting down to tiredness), and I’m no longer feeling tired all the time, although I do still feel that I tire quite quickly. I also had the joy of seeing Tadpole for the first time this week at my first scan – it was the most amazing experience seeing this tiny creature kicking and squirming about and yet be completely unable to feel it (yet!). For the first time in my life, I’m feeling rather maternal and, yes, quite broody! I can hardly wait to meet this little  person who is currently residing inside me (a fact which still amazes me – how on earth did that arrangement come about in the first place? I’m not at all religious, but it does seem rather miraculous!). I used to be terrified of the thought of giving birth, but not I’m finding that I’m actually looking forward to it,despite the fact that I know there’ll be a fair old bit of pain and a lot of hard work involved – I just can’t wait to hold this baby in my arms and see the look on Dale’s face as he holds Tadpole for the first time!

Some interesting facts about being 14 weeks pregnant:

  • Tadpole is now 3.5 inches long from crown to rump (yes, another half inch in the space of a week!) and the body is now growing faster than the head (which is a good thing, otherwise Tadpole would end up a bit of a bobble head!)
  • Hair and eyebrows are beginning to grow
  • Tadpole can now grasp, squint, frown and grimace, and may even start sucking a thumb (which I suspect was what Tadpole was trying to do while we were watching on the screen!)

Important dates coming up:

  • 10 April – 16 week blood work appointment (I’m going to get stuck with a needle – wah!)
  • 13 May – 20 week scan (can you believe it’s so soon?!)


  1. Sandy said,

    Time flies doesn’t it? 🙂 I am just getting into my SEVENTH month…26 weeks this weekend. It kinda snuck up on me and I realized that there are a lot of things I need to talk to Doc about (like making sure he can go to the hospital I want to deliver at among other things). I thought I had plenty of time…and I don’t! We haven’t even bought any essentials yet (like newborn gowns and onsies), I still have to re-arrange our bedroom to make room for the crib (we live in a 2br apartment so she has to camp out with us for a while).

    And you think that your tadpole is getting big…wait. LOL I can barely roll over in bed now and if I am a little bit on my back it feels like I am being crushed! LOL I am getting into the weeks where she will gain the most weight…I am not looking forward to it as I already feel like I am an old lady hobbling around the house!


  2. Must be the water… « It’s An Insane World Out There said,

    […] years…she took her test last night and she is pregnant as well!  HAHA  That makes TWO penpals that I have that are pregnant!  DH thinks everyone is crazy…he all too well remembers what […]

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