Tadpole’s first photograph

March 26, 2008 at 9:03 pm (Baby) (, , , , )

Tadpole’sfirst photograph

Tadpole’s first photograph (head to left of picture)

Yesterday we went to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital for Tadpole’s first scan, which was kind of exciting and very, very surprising! You see, we were expecting a blurry image of something vaguely blobby, with no discernible features. What we got was a pretty good look at something distinctly baby-like!

But let’s start at the beginning…

First off, we got to the Maternity clinic and handed over my appointment card whereupon I was handed some paperwork to give to the nurse. As we were waiting, a woman was called in and her name had every full-bladdered woman in the place desperately crossing her legs ni the hopes of not wetting herself with laughter. The woman’s name was Heidi Ho. We all waited till she was in the doctor’s office before sniggering amongst ourselves and congratulated ourselves on having not shouted out “Hi-de-hi!”* I swear – you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Shortly afterwards, I got called in and asked if I’d brought along a urine sample. I was a bit confused as I had been convinced the Midwife had said I would need a sample at every appointment except the scans as I would need a full bladder. However, I was told they could get the sample after I’d had the scan and, after checking the details on my paperwork were correct, they sent me down to the scan department.

A short wait later and Dale and I were ushered into a darkened room. I hoisted myself up onto the ludicrously high hospital bed and did the “pull your top up and your trousers down so your fat belly shows” act. My trousers were then pulled just a bit further down as, at this stage in pregnancy, Tadpole is very low down in my belly. I then had a couple of paper napkins tucked into my clothes and had some freezing cold gloop squirted onto my quivering belly. Then the fun began.

I never realised how rough they would be with that scanner! They really do prod at you quite firmly in order to move things around till they can get a good view, and that’s exactly what we got! The problem is, Tadpole, it seems, doesn’t like being prodded (but then, who does?!). Every time the scanner was at the head, Tad would curl away from it. Each time the scanner prodded the feet end, Tad would start kicking like a mule (honestly, I have the Karate Kid in there!). The kicking was so violent that I was surprised I couldn’t feel it all going on! I only wish we’d managed to get a picture of Tadpole kicking, because the picture was so clear at that point that we could see toes!

After a bit more prodding and moving around, we had four pictures and the idea that I may have a very small fibroid on my left side, but I was told not to worry about that, as it could very easily smooth out as Tadpole grows and stretches my womb. I figure Dr. Scanner knows what she’s talking about, so I’m choosing to believe her and not worry needlessly over something I can’t control.

Then it was back upstairs to the clinic where I handed over my paperwork once again and was finally able to relieve myself. Have you ever tried to pee into a small sample bottle? If you’re a guy, you might not have a problem with that, but if you’re female and you’re bursting for a pee, you’ll soon discover it’s kind of difficult to aim without getting it everywhere. Fortunately, I managed not to soak the cubicle or myself and promptly stuck the freshly-filled bottle in my pocket.

When I was called into the Nurse’s office, she tested my sample and discovered I had a tiny amount of protein in it (but nothing to worry about), and, despite all the water I manage to put away in a day (I manage my eight glasses easily and often drink several more than that!), I was slightly dehydrated! I was flabbergasted! How on earth I manage to be dehydrated when I practically drink our water cooler dry on a daily basis is beyond me. How much more am I supposed to drink? Is Tadpole really a Frog?

Then I got sent back out to wait to see the doctor who was just adorable. He told me not to worry about the protein or the dehydration, as it really was the tiniest amount and I otherwise seem to be in good health, as well as having excellent blood pressure (high or low blood pressure is a problem I’ve never suffered – I always seem to be spot on!). I asked a few questions that were specific to me, as I’ve been watching a lot of baby and birthing programmes first thing in the morning and they always make me think. For example, I heard the other day that a side effect of an epidural can be a drop in lood pressure. The thing is, when my blood pressure drops, I pass out, therefore, would it be advisable for me to avoid an epidural or would it be OK if I required one? Also, I have a very slight heart murmur – would that affect my ability to use a TENS machine for pain relief? The lovely Doctor said he would get hold of my medical notes from all my 12 years of testing (which has yet to turn up an answer for why I pass out) and review them to see how they would affect me, but that he really couldn’t see a problem at this point. I choose to believe that he’s another professional who knows his business and so I will believe what he says. We’ll find out at my 20-week scan what bearing my medical history will have on my birth options.

And so, that was that. We headed home clutching Tadpole’s first photographs and feeling a little shell-shocked that there really is a baby in there and that I didn’t just misread the test or imagine the whole thing.

And to top it all off, we had our Estimated Due Date revised. We’ve moved from 3 October to 27 September – the day after my birthday. If Tadpole is anything like me, we can expect an early appearance and an extra special birthday gift for me – but we shall have to wait and see!

*Anyone who grew up ni the UK in the 1980s will recognise this as being from a twee sitcom called Hi-de-Hi. A camp leader called Gladys would start each morning by greeting everyone with, “Good morning, Campers! Hi-de-hi!” To which everyone would reply, “Hi-de-ho!”. Yes, it was naff, but the memories stick and that poor woman must have to live with it on a daily basis!



  1. Michelle said,

    Aww, love the photo.. Hi Tadpole!

    ~ they discovered 2 fibroids during my scan, and they never gave me any problems.
    ~ if I remember correctly, I had protein in my wee quite a lot second time around – they often sent off a sample to check for infections, but there were none.
    ~ yep, weeing in those bottles is a nightmare! lol
    ~ I have quite low BP. With my first epidural, I don’t recall having a problem. With the second, I did get a bit light headed, but the anaesthetist (this was during the c.section) pushed more IV fluid in, and I was fine.

    I hope you get lots of sensible answers. Be cautious when using online sites though, they are often biased,and can sometimes contradict!

  2. Nici said,

    Aw lovely photo Kell! It makes it all very real doesn’t it?

  3. Sandy said,

    Isn’t it almost surreal to see the baby that is in there and didn’t you feel relieved that you were actually pregnant and just not insane? 🙂 Just wait until you can feel movement! Now THAT is something…

    Don’t worry about the other stuff. They will probably just keep an eye on things and make sure nothing gets worse. Don’t worry about the epidural either, and don’t watch too many baby shows (or read to many baby books for that matter). Those shows will scare the hell out of you if you aren’t careful as they are always about the drama. Michelle is right as well…be careful with the internet (actually any source of info other than your doctor)…many times you will find one source says one thing and another says another. Just say no! LOL

    They are aweful with those wands too aren’t they! This past u/s I had a few weeks ago I thought I was going to die. My placenta is very low and coving my cervix so she had to really dig around to get a good look…the problem was where she had push so hard was right were my c-section scar was and it was very painful.

    Pregnant women do need a lot more water…a LOT. You have to think that your body is building up it’s blood supply as well as making the fluid around the baby….the continues until birth not to mention the however many times you pee some of that out. It is very important to drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine if you can…caffeine is a mild diuretic.

    And don’t worry…if you find yourself looking at the picture all the time, that is normal. 🙂 I have Baby girl’s pictures right above my computer so I can see her all day every day. 🙂

  4. kell1976 said,

    I’m finding the birthing programmes more interesting than scary at the moment and have actually started thinking how cool it must be to be a midwife – what a wonderful job! (Of course, like any job, I know there’ll be downsides to it, but WOW!). I think I’m using these programmes more as a jumping-off point for questions as I can never seem to think of anything to ask, but I’m not letting myself worry,. I think I’m quite lucky in that I’m quite easygoing and laid-back, so I tend to take things in my stride – if things don’t happen the way I expected, then they happen another way and I’m fine with that so long as Tadpole is fine.

    And yes, I’m looking at those little pictures all the time and thinking, “Wow! Look what we made!”

    Right, I’m off for something more to drink!

  5. Sandy said,

    I watched all those shows too…I am just saying be careful! LOL They very rarely (depending on the show) put run of the mill pregnancies on there. The baby is either too big, or coming too early, or the mom has some kind of condition and they always cut to commercial with things like, “will Jane’s baby be born to early to survive? Find out after these messages!”

    My favorite show actually (at least here in the States) is House of Babies. It is a birthing center with midwives so most of their deliveries are run of the mill pregnancies with little or no complications.


  6. kell1976 said,

    My favourite one is Babes in the Wood, which is based at the Hythe birthing centre – where women can only give birth there if their pregnancy is uneventful and normal, but you get to see the whole range of birth choices such as water births, active births, those with and without epidurals, etc. It’s pretty good and it hasn’t scared me so far. 🙂

  7. Karen said,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Kell.

    And I love Tadpole’s first picture!

  8. kell1976 said,

    You’re welcome, Karen. It was actually my Mam’s idea that I keep a diary of my pregnancy to look back on, and I figured I already keep a blog, so why not put it all there.

    And thank you about the picture. Obviously, I’m joining the ranks of mothers all over the world, because I think my Tadpole is the most gorgeous Tadpole ever and looks especially attractive in this photograph. 😉

  9. Sandy said,

    You know…I keep thinking Kell, that it wasn’t that long ago you guys said you didn’t want kids…I even remember a few years back you thought you were preg. and were panicking (do you remember?) and I remember asking you would it really be THAT bad if you were?


    I take it that is isn’t that bad after all. 😀

    Just teasing you!! It is a good idea to write all this stuff down because at some point you will forget a lot of it. I didn’t write a lot with Babyhead, but I love looking at pictures and remembering…we took A LOT of pictures! LOL

  10. kell1976 said,

    It’s true – Dale and I were the most anti-kid couple we knew, but as soon as we knew about Tadpole we knew we wanted THIS baby. Isn’t that strange?!

  11. Sandy said,

    No, isn’t that strange…because like almost every parent will say it is always different when it is YOUR kid. 🙂 Poop doesn’t matter so much, nor does vomit and and almost everything you find annoying in other children you will find cute in your own…you begin to realize why some parents seem so oblivious. LOL

    🙂 It’s not a bad thing though.

  12. Sarah said,

    How wonderful, Kell! And it would be so cool if you and Tadpole end up having the same birthday!

  13. kell1976 said,

    We have a bit of a habit, in my family, of kids being born on other family members’ birthdays, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tadpole arrived on either my birthday (26/9) or my cousin’s hubby’s birthday (25/9). There’s also my step-dad (1/10), my auntie (2/10) and my brother in law (3/10), so there’s a fair chance this kid will share a birthday whther it’s an early or late appearance!

  14. Sandy said,

    That’s funny Kell…because in my family everyone is born on or really close to holidays! Babyhead was born on New Year’s Eve (though he was due 4 days before Christmas), This baby is due on July 4th (American Independence day), one of my sister’s was born on Thanksgiving (though that changes year to year), my other sister was born on Groundhog Day…the list goes on and on. 🙂

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