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March 20, 2008 at 9:54 pm (Baby, Life gets in the way...) (, , )

Foetus at 12 weeks

Foetus at 12 weeks

Hooray! Tadpole is now officially entering The Safety Zone!

I know, logically, that disaster could strike at any time during a pregnancy (Gods forbid!), but the general consensus is that the first twelve weeks are the biggest Danger Zone and I’m sure that many Mums-In-Waiting breathe a collective sigh of relief as they slip past the twelve-week mark. I know I am.

My first scan is next Tuesday afternoon – I’ve been desperately awaiting that event, as until I see that little blob on the screen and hear the heartbeat, it won’t seem quite real – after all, I could have misread the test and have psychosomatic symptoms of sickness, exhaustion and ballooning breasts and belly. It’s not terribly likely, but still, it’s a vague possibility!

I’m still getting a lot of the tiredness, but not so  much of the sickness these days, although evenings can still sometimes be a little dodgy for me. I did, however, actually manage  to get through my evening class this Tuesday, which was a major achievement for me, seeing as how I missed the previous two classes! (And I realised I was coping better than I thought I was, and was actually almost completely caught up – hurray for me!).

Some interesting facts about being 12 weeks pregnant:

  • The baby is now two inches long (yes, it’s grown half an inch in just one week!)
  • If I get poked in the belly,  the baby will squirm (I guess nobody likes getting poked at!)
  • The liver is now making bile and the kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder (just don’t take a leak yet, Tadpole!)

Although the first trimester isn’t technically over till I’ve reached thirteen weeks, I thought I’d also add these little bits of personally-discovered “wisdom”:


Things I Have Learned During The First Trimester of My Pregnancy:

  1. Wearing a wireless sports bra and big knickers in bed, then jamming a pillow between your thighs, is not sexy – but it’s a lot more comfortable than NOT doing that.
  2. Bounding down the stairs willy-nilly becomes a thing of the past and is replaced by carefully walking down them, clutching the banister in case of accidental falling.
  3. Never leave any place with a bathroom without first visiting the aforementioned bathroom, as you can guarantee that halfway to your destination, you will desperately need to pee right now!
  4. Boobs like watermelons are not much fun for the person who has to carry them around all day (I’ve always been ample in that department, but really, it’s already getting ridiculous!). Your partner, however, may disagree and it is next to impossible to convince him that it sometimes hurts like hell if he touches them (or even if your clothes move against them!).
  5. Bras for boobs like watermelons are not meant to be worn with low-cut tops – even the pretty, lacy ones almost come up to your chin. It’s depressing when you have now got the most impressive cleavage since Dolly Parton first graced the stage!
  6. It is never wise to get up too quickly – dizziness can strike unexpectedly at any moment. Even bending over to tie your shoelaces can be an experience you won’t be eager to repeat in a hurry.
  7. It is possible to make several midnight trips to the loo without opening your eyes – providing you’ve taken the time to remove all obstacles before you go to bed.
  8. Even if you go to the loo immediately before going to bed, you will need to get up at least once to have what seems to be the longest pee in the world. More often than not, you will need three trips to the loo for these monstrous wee-ing sessions despite the fact that you have not drunk anything since several hours before retiring.
  9. The ratio of juice-to-fruit, when making a smoothie, is of vital importance if you don’t want to end up eating your smoothie with a spoon. It’ll still taste delicious though and it gets a couple of your five-a-day into your system at the start of the day.
  10. Pregnancy is a whole body experience. Not only do your belly and boobs get bigger (and much sooner and faster than you expected), but your butt does too! I have come to the conclusion that this is to counterbalance the extra weight in front. If this is the case, I’m going to have a butt the size of Texas by the time I’m ready to give birth.
  11. People who know you are pregnant will tell you that you look fantastic even when you are a nasty shade of puke-green. Obviously they are lying, but it’s nice to hear it anyway.
  12. Even the little things that never used to bother you are supremely frustrating, and things that used to get you just a little riled up are now going to turn you into a wailing wreck. There is nothing you can do about this.
  13. Either wear waterproof mascara or ditch the stuff completely – it will run when you cry and you will look like a panda. It also makes it very obvious that you’ve been crying and you’re going to want to hide that as much as possible so your friends, family and colleagues don’t get too worried about you. A discrete sniffle in the toilets is a lot easier to cover up than sitting in a puddle of tears next to the photocopier because it’s jammed for the millionth time.
  14. Get outside as often as possible, even if it’s just for five minutes, no matter what the weather is like. Taking a walk at lunch time can clear your head and really set you up to be able to face the afternoon at work – plus the fresh air and exercise will do you good.
  15. Forget getting anything done on the weekends – all you are going to want to do is sleep.
  16. It is possible to feel horribly sick and terribly hungry at the same time.
  17. Reading hundreds of books on pregnancy fills your head with (usually conflicting, invariably confusing, often irrelevant) information.
  18. Maternity trousers with the band that comes up over your whole bump, although very comfortable are not cute or sexy and will make your partner laugh hysterically every time he sneaks up behind you and pulls them right up till the top of the band comes up to your bra.

 And on that note, I’ll finish this entry!



  1. Sandy said,

    Hehe. Welcome to pregnancy.


  2. Sarah said,

    I love reading your updates. I’m glad things are going well, albeit a little crazy!! 🙂

  3. Michelle said,

    It sounds like you’re having a blast! 😉
    I’m glad to hear that you’re starting to feel a little better..hopefully you’ll start ‘glowing’ soon!
    I am rather jealous.. I have small boobs anyway, and they never really grew much during my pregnancies (i think there’s something wrong there, but never mind! hehe)
    Hugs for you and tadpole!

  4. Karen said,

    I love your updates too and I love the fact that you’ve nicknamed the baby Tadpole. So cute!

  5. kell1976 said,

    Aww, thanks you guys. I just love that I can witter on about my pregnancy and the baby and be assured that there’ll always be someone who’s not bored by it yet – LOL!

  6. Sandy said,

    You know, I felt the same way when I started blogging about this pregnancy…but I found that there are a few people that are interested in what I have to write about it. 🙂 I write about enough other stuff that if someone doesn’t want to read my prg tales, they don’t have to anyway.


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