Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!

March 11, 2008 at 6:03 pm (Music, Film and Television, News) (, , , , , )


According to THIS news report, teachers are voting on scrapping homework for school children “because it puts them under too much pressure and makes them unhappy”.

Now, I may not yet be a parent, but I have to put in my tuppence-worth here. I want my kid to have homework. I want to see first-hand what my child is learning in school and see how he/sh is getting on with the work. I also want to  see that my child takes some pride in doing well at school and if that means doing a little extra work at home, so  be it. To be perfectly honest, if they do  scrap homework, then I’ll be setting homework of my own for my little’un because I think it’s important.

What kind of message does it give our youth if we turn around and say, “Oh well, if it makes you unhappy, we’ll just not do that, even though it’s good for you,”? Does it instill any kind of work ethic in the youngsters? No, it does not. All it does is say, “It’s OK not to work hard and do well on your own steam.”

What are these children going to be like when they actually have to get a job?

Previously homework-free kid: Sorry, boss, I don’t like doing the finances – it stresses me out and makes me feel unhappy.
Boss: Oh, that’s OK, we’ll get someone else to do it for you instead. Don’t you worry about it.  Would you like a raise and a company car with that?

Somehow, I just don’t think it’ll go down that way…

Anyway, on a schoolkids theme, here’s the fantastic Pink Floyd to amuse you all:



  1. Sandy said,

    I agree…but the issue with here in the States and homework is some kids get waaay to much! Even in the earlier grades they are getting HOURS of homework a night and on the weekend where they can’t do anything else…and I am not talking about teenagers here…I am talking about 8/9/10 yr olds.. The way the schools are set up here (most of them anyway) the teachers don’t have enough time in class to teach so they just send them home with tons of homework to learn…not to reinforce what they did that day which is what I thought homework was about…

    I believe in homework…but I don’t believe that kids should have so much they can’t have a life and be a kid either.

  2. Michelle said,

    I’m kinda divided about it in primary school children. At the end of her school day, Beth is always tired, and I just want her to be able to relax, play.. and be a child! By being tired, she also struggles with her homework. I watch her, and notice her heart just isn’t in it.. and yet her work at school is excellent. So, going back to your post, I’m not sure that homework gives me,as a parent, a good idea how she’s doing.

    I’m lucky that Beth *does* like reading, writing etc at home, so I use that to judge how she’s doing.. rather than the structured homework.

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