10 weeks down – 30 to go…

March 4, 2008 at 3:11 pm (Baby, Life gets in the way...) (, , , )


10-weeks pregnant

Foetus at 10 weeks

This afternoon I had my first antenatal appointment and met my midwife, Jan, who is lovely and kept calling me “my love” and the baby her “little pal”.

Mostly it was just paperwork and questions on both sides (bizarrely, despite my all-day morning sickness, almost all of my questions were about food!). Apparently, my generally healthy diet (with some naughties – I can’t be good ALL the time, after all!) is great and almost all the things I am supposed to avoid are things I don’t like anyway (blue-veined cheese, eggs with runny yolks, liver and pate, etc), so I should have much trouble there. And her advice for combating my morning sickness? I need to eat more often! Apparently it’s the drop in sugar levels that causes the nausea, so I have to eat:

Breakfast – something like cereal, toast or fruit is good.
Elevenses – a banana is ideal.
Lunch – soup, salad or sandwich is great
Mid-afternoon snack – did I mention bananas are ideal?
Dinner – plenty of veg; something starchy like potatoes, rice or pasta; oily fish twice a week; lean meat; etc.
Supper – a snack before bed so my sugar levels don’t drop through the floor overnight.

At this rate I really am going to be the size of a bus! I don’t usually eat quite as often as that. Yes, I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, with perhaps a piece of fruit or some crackers mid-morning to keep me going, but that’s usually pretty much it and I don’t usually eat after about 8:30pm at the latest (unless I’m out for a meal and we happen to still be eating at that point)

The good news is that I already eat a lot of fruit and veg, and I love salmon, so I usually have it once or twice a week. I usually favour chicken or turkey over beef and pork (although I do like both of those) and occasionally duck, but I often eat vegetarian meals and often include nuts and seeds too. The one thing I’m really going to miss is pepperoni on my pizza – I’ve been told to really avoid those deli meats so no pepperoni for me! On top of that, my blood pressure, as always, is spot on what it should be (that’s one area I’ve never had a problem) and the fact that I walk everywhere is great exercise-wise (there are definitely benefits to not having a car and feeling sick on buses!).

So, within the next two-to-four weeks I’ll be going for my first scan, then there’ll be some blood work two weeks after that, and another scan four weeks after that. In the meantime, there are various classes to go to in order to ensure I don’t overstretch myself as my body changes (apparently women are  more prone to injury during the first trimester due to all the muscles and ligaments loosening – we carry on as normal without realising that we’re getting all relaxed and stretchy, so we get injured).

So, within the next six-to-ten weeks I’ll have a really noticeable pregnant tummy on me. Till then I’ll resign myself to just looking like I’m getting fatter (which is how it feels at this stage – I just feel that I look like I’m porking out a bit more!).

And we’ve been given a tentative Due Date of 3rd October (subject to change after we get that scan in a few weeks, when we’ll get a definite date to work towards!).



  1. Sandy said,

    All of a sudden your tummy will pop out like you are shoplifting a ball. 🙂

    And don’t worry about the food…you and baby will burn that off quicker than you think…and any fat you put on will be for making milk for baby afterwards. Some women have been known to lose tons of weight when they breastfeed! If you choose not to breastfeed, just make sure you eat well afterwards and exercise so the weight won’t stick like glue. 😉

    With Babyhead I did a lot of Prenatal Yoga…if you can find a video or class that would be great for you. It is usually very light so you don’t hurt yourself, but enough to keep you feeling energized!

    And like I said before, try sniffing vinegar if your stomach is upset before you eat. It helps me 98% of the time. 🙂

  2. Michelle said,

    Aww, what a lovely post! 🙂 Why 2 early scans.. is the first a dating one?
    Makes sense to eat more often.. hopefully the sickness will lift soon.
    The classes sound great.. I wasn’t offered any, and I had problems both times round.

  3. kell1976 said,

    Yes, the first one is at 12-14 weeks to get a more accurate due date based on the development of the baby (and also to see if there is only one or if there are more!). The 20-week scan is just to check progress I think. The midwife didn’t mention a later scan at all. The class within the next few weeks is a one-off that lasts about 1 1/2 hours. I’m not sure exactly what it entails, but Jan recommended it, so I’ll go along. It’s women-only, so Dale won’t be coming along with me to that one. Jan is also checking for me whether or not I can have two birthing partners as I read something about some people having 2 partners with them throughout their labour. It kind of made sense to me – that way if one of them needs the loo, I won’t be left without anyone’s fingers to break by gripping them through the pain – LOL! Jan said it’s not usual, but she’ll check it out for me. If I’m able to, I’d like both Dale and my sister to be there – I think I’d feel calmer and stronger that way as well as feeling better if Dale can actually go to the loo in peace or get a drink or sommething to eat if I’m in labour for hours on end! I know it might seem I’m being considerate now, but I’m sure come the moment I’ll be screaming at him for getting me pregnant inthe first place and putting me through all that pain! LOL!

  4. Michelle said,

    Kell, first time round I had my mum and my hubby with me, so I’m sure it would be ok.

  5. Sarah said,

    I’m glad everything is going so well, Kell! Keep posting these updates? Are you going to want to learn the sex of the baby?

  6. kell1976 said,

    Hi Sarah. I think I’d like to know the sex, but Dale’s not sure he wants to know ahead of the Big Day and I don’t think I’d like knowing that all by myself. Of course, I’ve heard rumours that our local hospital now refuses to divulge the sex as people have started suing some hospitals when they’re told one sex and it turns out they’re having the opposite. To my mind, it doesn’t matter which sex we’re getting (I just hope it’s healthy with everything present and correct!), so if they told me the wrong sex I wouldn’t be too bothered. I’m just so impatient I like to know things ahead of time!

    And yes, I’ll definitely keep posting the updates. 🙂 Feeling a little bit better today although I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat all day long (I’m used to only eating when I feel hungry, not this almost-constant grazing I’m supposed to do!). Still feeling tired though. Hopefully that wil; pass within the next few weeks and I’ll get that fabled energy boost and start “blooming”!

    Michelle – apparently some hospitals can be a bit funny – different rles for different places. The midwife said she’d check for me though, so I’m hoping I’ll be given the OK to have Dale and Leni both there with me when I’m screaming blue murder and trying to push something the size of a football out of my body!

  7. Michelle said,

    I’m sure lots of people will be there with you in spirit.. I know I will.
    (Best way really, then we don’t get yelled at! LOL)

  8. kell1976 said,

    Aw, thanks, Michelle! I’m pretty sure there’ll be a lot of shouting and swearing going on, partially from Dale as I break his fingers by gripping so tightly – LOL!

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