Constant Craving

February 9, 2008 at 11:18 pm (Baby, Life gets in the way...) (, , , )

Today I had my first ever proper, major full-on craving.

I’d been out to coffee in the morning with The Girls (Suzie and Amy), although I stuck to the apple juice, seeing as how I’ve cut out caffeine since discovering our Impending Arrival, and then run a few errands around town before heading back home, taking the Rosemount route.

I was about half way home when I suddenly realised that the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world was a slice of pizza!

I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait till I got home, then order a pizza, and then wait for it to arrive, in the hopes that it would get there before my morning sickness kicked in and meant I couldn’t face it. And then it happened. Like a mirage, it appeared before me:

Heavenly Pizza

I could hardly believe my luck! I had inadvertently chosen the route home that would take me directly past the door of Heavenly Pizza who, as it happens, sell a 7-inch Margherita for £2.95. It was more than I could stand. I went in and placed my order.

Ten minutes later, I was handed my box of pizza delight and I left the shop with every intention of taking it home to eat off a plate with a knife and fork (I hate eating in the street – it’s just a little uncouth and against my delicate sensibilities). However, Tadpole had other ideas. The smell was driving me crazy and, I’m ashamed to say, I opened that box and devoured the contents as I walked home!

And you know what? It was every bit as heavenly as advertised! The base was crisp and light and not at all greasy. The tomato sauce was piquant and both herby and spicy. The cheese-to-sauce ratio was spot on and the mozzarella was melted to perfection.

It was, in short, quite the most divine pizza I have ever had.

Of course, that could have been completely down to the satisfying of the craving, but I’m very glad I took a delivery menu before I left!



  1. Sandy said,

    It starts. LOL With Aidan all I wanted was fruit…specifically apples, grapes and all the strawberries I could eat. I remember going through a 5 quart tub of strawberries less than two days.

    With this one I want veggies. Specifically tomatoes. And in general…I hate tomatoes…but apparently our little peanut has totally other ideas!!

    Just wait…your cravings may change…but if you are already ravenous before you are even into the 2nd trimester then just get used to it. Cliff used to make fun of me with Aidan since I would barely finish eating before I would ask when, where, and what we were were having for the NEXT meal. 🙂

  2. Michelle said,

    I don’t recall having any proper cravings. Although, at one point, I wanted milk to drink all the time.. then I discovered that anything dairy was making my nausea worse!

    Oh.. you’ve been tagged, details on my blog.

  3. Sarah said,

    Great….now I’m craving pizza, and I already eat too much of it! LOL! Next you’ll be craving pickle milkshakes or something.

  4. Sandy said,

    Sarah – I have a friend who wanted ice cream and soy sauce with her first and dandelions with her last. I told her that yea, they were weird but at least it was food and not something weird like paint chips!

  5. Nici said,

    When I was pregnant, I always craved Dairylea on toast, I ate it by the tub full!

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