What an honour!

January 11, 2008 at 6:10 pm (Memes) (, , , )

Blogger Award

Well, my first blog post of the year (I’ve been a bit busy and, thus, neglectful of my little place on the web), and I find I’ve been honoured with an award by the lovely Sarah (thanks, chuck!). Apparently, I’m an amazing blogger – who’d have thunk it?

So, I’d better start by nominating another four wonderful bloggers for this great honour, and they will be (oh, it’s so difficult to choose from all the wonderful bloggers out there!) *drumroll please*

So, now I’m supposed to reveal seven random or weird facts about myself (why do we feel such a need to expose ourselves in this way on the internet?), so here goes:

  1. Feet – My second toes are the same length as my big toes on both feet (and on the left foot, my third toe is just as long). My baby toes are turned on their sides, so they look like they’re curled up asleep. And my feet are very small – I only take a UK size 4 1/2, so I have difficulty getting shoes to fit me properly. As a result of this, I usually have at least one blister.
  2. Books – I am literally never without a book. Even on my wedding day, I popped one of those tiny gift-books into my handbag, despite knowing full well I’d have no time or inclination to read, because I couldn’t bear the thought of being without one for a whole day and night! My tastes are very eclectic and I’ll read pretty much anything, right down to the labels on shampoo bottles in the bathroom. I take part in many reading challenges and average at about 120 books finished per year. It’s my preferred form of entertainment. You’re never bored or lonely with a book!
  3. Flexibility – Despite the fact that I’m not a skinny person (not by a long shot!), I’m very bendy. I won’t go into details, but you’d be surprised!
  4. QI – My brain is a repository for random bits of information. This makes me very handy in a pub quiz and I often know the right answers on the TV show QI. Strangely, I often have no idea how I know things – I must just absorb information like a sponge and squirrel it all away till it’s needed, or until there’s a quiet moment that needs to be filled.
  5. Paganism – I became a Pagan by accident. It’s true! A chance discovery in the encyclopedia whilst looking up Dracula once rainy lunch time and my life was changed forever! You can read about that HERE.
  6. Cooking – I’m a regular Kitchen Goddess and can whip up a tasty meal at the drop of a hat. It’s often joked that I don’t have food in my house – only ingredients – and it’s true! I aways have the makings of a meal, whether simple or complicated. I’m excellent at soups and meat dishes; make a superb lasagna, bolognese, chili or curry; and also make authentic Turkish kofte. However, I’m useless at baking. The most I’ve ever managed was a mediocre cake from a packet mix and a pie that tasted like the pastry was made of cardboard. I shall keep trying, though! I am determined to succeed!
  7. Deceptive Appearance – Although most people think I’m outgoing and confident, I’m actually painfully shy and insecure. Like many who have had a theatre upbringing (yes, I used to be an actor!), I learned to hide the “real me” as a defence mechanism. I come across as friendly and easy-going, but it’s something I have to work at – it takes real effort to actually speak to people,let alone actually approach them! I get around it by seeing life as a performance. I play a character who is self-confident and out-going, so the shy person that I actually am doesn’t have to deal with it all. I’m actually happiest with very few, very close friends, rather than larger gatherings (really, any more than about four or five people and inside I’m all of a panic!).

So, yes, seven things about me. I hope it gives people an idea of the person behind the blog (and the books!). Thank you, again, to Sarah for giving me this award. I hope you all have as much fun reading this post as I had composing it!



  1. Michelle said,

    Erm, Kell.. did you not realise that I gave you the award yesterday, at the same time as I gave it to Sarah? 😦

    As for feet, my 2nd toes are longer than my big toes.. and I also have curly little toes. 🙂 Did they try to straighten yours when you were little? I had mine strapped, but it didn’t achieve anything!

  2. kimmikat said,

    Richly deserved Kell. Thank you for passing it on. 🙂

  3. Sarah said,

    You’re welcome, Kell! You deserve it!

  4. kell1976 said,

    Thanks guys.

    LOL – Michelle – I was half asleep when I saw Sarah’s one and three-quarters asleep when I lef tthe comment on yours! I shall have to add you to my thanks at the start!

    Thank you to BOTH of you for awarding me such honour!

    hang on, Michelle, the folks you awarded were:
    Jen’s Hot And Sweet Blog
    This Closet Isn’t Big Enough
    Steps of a Dancewriter
    Cinthia’s Spinnings

    i think we must BOTH be half-asleep – LOL!

  5. Michelle said,

    Oh.. I meant to include you! LOL In my defence, I’ve been half asleep all week!

  6. dizzigirl said,

    Aw thanks Kell! : )

  7. Sarah said,

    You are both completely crazy…or both half-asleep! Kell, you passed on the award to two people who have also received it from me! LOL! I, too, have been up for way too long…about 20 hours now. I think we all need to catch up on our sleep!

  8. Naomi said,

    Congrats! 🙂

    Hey I did an ‘8 random things’ meme not too long ago, and the first item was: “My second toes are longer than my big toes. People think my feet look weird. But then, I have a friend with webbed toes. Isn’t that weirder?”

    Feet fascination anyone?

  9. Gosh!!! « CREATIVE RAINBOWS said,

    […] Thank you Kell […]

  10. kyliel said,

    Wow, thanks so much Kell! I feel very special indeed! I think you’re an amazing blogger too – your award was well-deserved.

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