Cirque de Celebrité II – Grande Finalé

December 10, 2007 at 6:30 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, )

The finalists

The finalists – Luke Bailey, Stacey Cadman and Kyal Marsh

Well, the judges said they wanted perfection for the finale performances – and that’s exactly what they got! What a show! With the eliminated contestants also returning to give performances, it was a show truly worthy of the circus! Here’s my run-down of everything that happened from start to finish (the returning eliminated contestants are shown in blue):

Luke opened the show with a stunning performance on the Aerial Straps, culminating in a Bolivian one-armed bungee roll which dropped him from 30 feet above the ring! His performance was exciting and technically superb, leaving the judges (and audience!) almost breathless with his fantastic finish.
Score: 27

Ritchie and Tamara returned to give a beautiful paired routine on the silks – the transitions were smooth and the pair was incredibly sexy with great interaction. If they’d performed like that throughout the competition, neither one of them would have been eliminated!

Hannah, Dean, Shane and Antonia then stepped into the ring to give a dazzling display with the Fire Poi, while Isabella performed above them on the Aerial Hoop. There wasn’t really any interaction between any of these performers, though, with each going all-out to impress the audience with their own skills.

Stacey then did what she does best – took to the air on the Aerial Straps partnered by Valari (a professional Russian circus performer). Their routine was sensual with very passionate interaction. They were, in fact, so good, that they received a standing ovation from the judges and Gabby Roslin was actually caught with a tear or two in her eyes!
Score: 30 (perfect score!)

Kyal graced the ring with a wonderful (topless!) performance on the Silks, showing immense power and fluidity; climbing the silks with ease and grace, and performing so smoothly you’d think he’d been doing it all his life. His death-defying spinning drop at the last moment was jaw-dropping!
Score: 27

Dwayne and Emily were the next returning contestants with a lovely routine on the Aerial Straps – and Dwayne showed off his muscles going topless and getting the audience hot under the collar. They had some nice interaction going on and received a great round of applause.

Last of the returnees were the two last-minute substitute hopefuls who stepped into the breach when Shane left due to injuries – Rebecca and Liam, also on the Aerial Straps. Unfortunately due to an ad break, only the last part of their routine was shown, which is a shame, as it looked like they did really well working together.

Luke returned to the ring to give his final performance on The Wheel of Death. Starting inside the wheel, and travelling at 20 mph, he held several positions as well as walking within the wheel during the revolutions. Then, he climbed onto the outside of the wheel and walked his way to the top, showing great control and concentration. His interaction with the audience (to the Mission Impossible theme tune) was fantastic and he got an uproarious cheer.
Score: 26

Petite Stacey was next to brave the Wheel of Death. Being so small, she had been worried that her diminutive stature might have her at a disadvantage, but her performance was fantastic from start to finish. Inside the wheel, she did a forwards roll and held several poses, all in time to the Bond Theme music. Then, climbing onto the outside of the wheel, she walked her way to the top and did the splits at the pinnacle of her ascent.
Score: 27

Everyone was expecting great things from Kyal on the Wheel of Death and he didn’t disappoint. Mounting the inside of the ring to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune, he made it look easy as he strolled around inside the wheel, holding poses and turning somersaults. Then, on the outside of the ring, one he reached the top, he did a handstand. Not to leave it at that, he then hand-walked on the wheel as it descended and glided gracefully to the ground! A standing ovation from the judges – Louis was actually speechless!
Score: 30 (perfect score!)

Total Scores:
Kyal: 57
Stacey: 57
Luke: 53

The Winner:

From early on in the competition, Kyal was way out front in terms of skills in almost every discipline. It was commented by Philip Gandey that he’d never seen such a well-rounded performer and also that he would love to have both Stacey and Kyal perform in any of his circuses. I sincerely hope they take him up on that offer, because they were excellent (not that Luke wasn’t great too – he was – but Kyal and Stacey were absolutely awesome!).

The whole season has been excellent viewing and I honestly can’t see how they’ll be able to top it if they go for a third season. However, I would love to see them try!




Viewing Times:
Sunday @ 7:30pm on Sky One (LIVE!)
Saturday @ 4:30pm on Sky One (repeat)

The Host:
Jenni Falconer

The Judges:

Louie Spence
Phillip Gandey
Gabby Roslin

The Contestants:
Dwain Chambers
Hannah Waterman
Princess Tamara
Emily Scott
Ritchie Neville
Shane Lynch
Dean Holdsworth
Luke Bailey
Antonia Okonma
Stacey Cadman
Kyal Marsh
Lady Isabella Hervey
Liam McGough
Rebecca Loos

Week 1 – Fire Poi, Corde Lisse and Static Trapese
Bottom two
: Dean Holdsworth and Princess Taqmara
: Dean Holdsworth was eliminated, but there was a problem with the phone voting, so he was brought back – nobody had to leave the first week.

Week 2 – Bunjee, Double Trapese and Roller Roller
Bottom two: Dwain Chambers and Lady Isabella Hervey
Eliminated: Dwain Chambers was eliminated.

Week 3 – Bunjee, Unicycle, Aerial Hoop and Floor Cube
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Hannah Waterman
Eliminated:Hannah Waterman
Injuries: Ritchie Neville was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 4 – Foot Juggling, Cloud Swing and Floor / Aerial Perch
Bottom three: Lady Isabella, Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Eliminated: Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Surprises: A double elimination was announced, much to the shock of the contenders!

Week 5 – Swinging Trapeze and Silks
Bottom two: Antonia Okonma and Ritchie Neville
Eliminated: Ritchie Neville
Injuries: Shane Lynch was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 6 – Russian Swing and Aerial Cube
Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and and Kyal Marsh
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth
Injuries: Shane Lynch also left the show due to injury (2 consecutive weeks off due to injury means automatic disqualification)
Surprises: Liam McGough, an ex-Big Brother housemate, and Rebecca Loos joined the show (performing on the Corde Lisse) due to Shane Lynch quitting . The public will vote to see if they want Liam or Rebecca back in week 7. This was the first week that the judges scored the performances.
Scores given by judges:
Luke – 27
Isabella – 26
Antonia – 21
Stacey – 19
Kyal – 18
Dean – 16

Week 7 – Advanced Corde Lisse and Aerial Straps
Bottom two: Liam McGough and Lady Isabella
Injuries:Luke injured his hand and leg, but performed anyway.
Surprises: Liam beat Rebecca in the public vote to join the circus.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 30
Stacey – 25
Antonia – 23
Isabella – 20
Luke – 19
Liam – 16

Week 8 – High Wire, Russian Bar, Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop
Bottom two:Luke Bailey and Lady Isabella Hervey
Surprises: Each contestant had to perform two disciplines – one new (High Wire or Russian Bar) and one an advanced routine on a formerly shown discipline (Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop), although not necessarily one they’d already performed.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 29 + 28 = 57
Stacey – 17 + 28 = 45
Antonia – 21 + 22 = 43
Luke – 18 + 24 = 42
Isabella – 16 + 12 = 28

Week 9 – Spring Board, Blinfolded Highwire, Cloud Swing and Static Trapese
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Antonia Okonma
Eliminated: Antonia
Injuries: Antonia injured her knee and Stacey injured her ankle. Both performed despite their injuries, although Antonia had to change her discipline because of hers.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 25 + 30 = 55
Stacey – 22 + 24 = 46
Luke – 20 + 26 = 46
Antonia – 11 + 25 = 36

Week 10 – Wheel of Death and Aerial Straps or Silks
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 27 + 30 = 57
Stacey – 30 + 27 = 57
Luke – 27 + 26 = 53
Winner: Kyal Marsh



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