Books Galore!

December 3, 2007 at 2:48 pm (Books and Authors, Life gets in the way...) (, )


Call me lucky, but it seems that when it comes to things going my way, they always seem to come in batches of three. For example, over the last week or so, I have received notification of three books that I will be receiving free of charge – two from competitions and one for review from Library Thing – all three by authors who are completely new to me.

The first competition was at Have a Hoot – I won a copy of Legend by David Gemmell, which looks to be an interesting fantasy. The second comeptition was at The Book Club Forum – I won a copy of E11even Terrible Months by R. L. Royle; a dark, supernatural thriller which should be exactly my sort of thing. The third book is an Early Review book from Library ThingBoy A by Jonathan Trigell, which is now a major feature film, about a troubled youth.

All three books are very different from one another, but I shall enjoy them all the more because I wasn’t expecting to receive any of them!


Legend by David GemmellE11ven Terrible MonthsBoy A by Jonathan Trigell


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