Cirque de Celebrité II – Semi Final

December 2, 2007 at 10:44 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, )

Cirque de Celebrité II

The live performance this evening was the penultimate show – the Semi Final – and what a show it was! Once more, the contestants were each tackling two disciplines, performing either the Spring Board or the High Wire (blindfolded!), and the Cloud Swing or Static Trapeze. The latter two are disciplines previously performed, but were advanced routines.

The new disciplines:
Stacey opened the show on the High Wire – her first time on this discipline. Her first crossing was a straight walk, which was confident and steady. For her return journey she was blindfolded and made it halfway across the wire before relying on the safety lunge to keep her upright. All in all, a very strong performance.
Score = 22

Kyal was next, performing on the Spring Board, a Russian discipline where the performer is catapulted into the air on a giant seesaw contraption by two performers jumping onto the other end. Kyal gave an excellent single back somersault (with an almost perfect landing), followed by a double back pike and finishing with a single back somersault into a chair perched on top of a pole. His daring routine was warmly received by the audience!
Score = 25

Antonia had originally been working on a routine for the Spring Board, but suffered a knee injury in rehearsals and had two days to try and tackle the High Wire which had almost defeated her last week. Unfortunately, her nerves and injury got the better of her and she didn’t make it across the wire even once – she fell and was saved by the safety lunge.
Score = 11

Luke followed on the High Wire – his first time on this discipline – making a very confident progress across the wire, even pausing briefly to give a one-leg balance. Blindfolded for his return journey, he made it half-way across before losing his balance and falling, being saved by the safety lunge.
Score = 20

The old disciplines:
Kyal was the first contestant to return to the ring, this time on the Static Trapeze. His routine was packed with stunts – a front and reverse stag, an inverted crucifix, a forward roll into a heel hang, an ankle drop, a meat hook, a front support and a final, daring, half turn into an ankle drop! His perfect timing and wonderful execution had the audience and judges awestruck!
Score = 30 (his second perfect score!)

Stacey followed on the Cloud Swing, giving a complex routine that involved a back balance and a scary-looking forward roll into a 2-knee catch, finishing with a terrifying reverse death drop!
Score = 24

Antonia was determined to claw her way back into the competition her performance on the Static Trapeze, showing beautiful lines through a high bird’s nest, an ankle drop, a knee hock (double and single), a backward roll to get back onto the trapeze, a flag, a gazelle and a half-twist arabesque, finishing with a stunning half-twist into an ankle drop. The final drop was a little clunky, but it was still a visually stunning routine.
Score = 25

Luke gave his second performance, this time on the Cloud Swing, giving a crucifix and a wince-inducing sideways straddle balance, a single knee catch and a death drop. His moves were smooth and very well executed to give a great overall performance.
Score = 25

Total scores:
Kyal = 55
Stacey = 46
Luke = 46
Antonia = 36

The bottom two and elimination:
The voting was incredibly tight, with only 300 votes between the top- and bottom-rated contestant. Ultimately, though, it was Luke and Antonia who had to face the judges for the final showdown and Luke was saved. Antonia was eliminated and will not be in next week’s final.

Stacey, being very petite, may struggle as the three contestants face their final challenge next week – The Wheel of Death, but then again, her agility may help her give a top notch performance. however, I get the feeling it’s going to be a battle between the boys – Luke and Kyal – to see who wins out, and I think Kyal may well come out on top. We shall have to wait till next week’s final to see!




Viewing Times:
Sunday @ 7:30pm on Sky One (LIVE!)
Saturday @ 4:30pm on Sky One (repeat)

The Host:
Jenni Falconer

The Judges:

Louie Spence
Phillip Gandey
Gabby Roslin

The Contestants:
Dwain Chambers
Hannah Waterman
Princess Tamara
Emily Scott
Ritchie Neville
Shane Lynch
Dean Holdsworth
Luke Bailey
Antonia Okonma
Stacey Cadman
Kyal Marsh
Lady Isabella Hervey
Liam McGough
Rebecca Loos

Week 1 – Fire Poi, Corde Lisse and Static Trapese

Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and Princess Taqmara
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth was eliminated, but there was a problem with the phone voting, so he was brought back – nobody had to leave the first week.

Week 2 – Bunjee, Double Trapese and Roller Roller
Bottom two: Dwain Chambers and Lady Isabella Hervey
Eliminated: Dwain Chambers was eliminated.

Week 3 – Bunjee, Unicycle, Aerial Hoop and Floor Cube
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Hannah Waterman
Eliminated:Hannah Waterman
Injuries: Ritchie Neville was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 4 – Foot Juggling, Cloud Swing and Floor / Aerial Perch
Bottom three: Lady Isabella, Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Eliminated: Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Surprises: A double elimination was announced, much to the shock of the contenders!

Week 5 – Swinging Trapeze and Silks
Bottom two: Antonia Okonma and Ritchie Neville
Eliminated: Ritchie Neville
Injuries: Shane Lynch was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 6 – Russian Swing and Aerial Cube
Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and and Kyal Marsh
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth
Injuries: Shane Lynch also left the show due to injury (2 consecutive weeks off due to injury means automatic disqualification)
Surprises: Liam McGough, an ex-Big Brother housemate, and Rebecca Loos joined the show (performing on the Corde Lisse) due to Shane Lynch quitting . The public will vote to see if they want Liam or Rebecca back in week 7. This was the first week that the judges scored the performances.
Scores given by judges:
Luke – 27
Isabella – 26
Antonia – 21
Stacey – 19
Kyal – 18
Dean – 16

Week 7 – Advanced Corde Lisse and Aerial Straps
Bottom two: Liam McGough and Lady Isabella
Injuries:Luke injured his hand and leg, but performed anyway.
Surprises: Liam beat Rebecca in the public vote to join the circus.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 30
Stacey – 25
Antonia – 23
Isabella – 20
Luke – 19
Liam – 16

Week 8 – High Wire, Russian Bar, Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop
Bottom two:Luke Bailey and Lady Isabella Hervey
Surprises: Each contestant had to perform two disciplines – one new (High Wire or Russian Bar) and one an advanced routine on a formerly shown discipline (Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop), although not necessarily one they’d already performed.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 29 + 28 = 57
Stacey – 17 + 28 = 45
Antonia – 21 + 22 = 43
Luke – 18 + 24 = 42
Isabella – 16 + 12 = 28

Week 9 – Spring Board, Blinfolded Highwire, Cloud Swing and Static Trapese
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Antonia Okonma
Eliminated: Antonia
Injuries: Antonia injured her knee and Stacey injured her ankle. Both performed despite their injuries, although Antonia had to change her discipline because of hers.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 25 + 30 = 55
Stacey – 22 + 24 = 46
Luke – 20 + 26 = 46
Antonia – 11 + 25 = 36


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