Cirque de Celebrité II – Quarter Final

November 25, 2007 at 10:35 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, )

Cirque de Celebrité II

Here’s my round-up of the live performance this evening, which was the Quarter Final, with only 5 contestants remaining!

As there were are 5 contenders left, each contestant had to make two performances – one on a new discipline, the other an advanced routine on a discipline shown earlier in the series, although not necessarily one they’d already performed in the past. The new disciplines were the High Wire (20 feet off the ground) and the Russian Bar (a narrow, flexible bar used to bounce and perform gymnsatic moves). The old disciplines were the Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop.

The new disciplines
Antonia opened the show on the High Wire. During training, she actually suffered a panic attack and it was obvious she was very nervous as she made her way unsteadily across the wire. However, se DID get across and on the return crossing she tried jumping over a professional highwire walker (who was crouched on the wire half-ay across) and almost pulled it off. She stayed onthe wire, but only because of the safety lunge, which was pulled taut at the last moment to save her coming off completely.
Score – 21

Stacey then gave her performance on the Russian Bar. Her floor work was nicely choreographed, but she faltered after the first backwards somersault and didn’t land steadily. She was then returned to the ground and remounted, starting from a sitting position and bouncing into standing, which was competently done. She then stumbled on her landing from a double backwards somersault and almost came off the bar. She then returned for a third trick – blindfolded, she attempted a double backwards somersault and her landing was somewhat better this time, although she was kept on by the lunge.
Score – 17

Kyal scored a perfect 30 last week, so all eyes were on him to see how he would fare this time round. On his first crossing on the High Wire, he didn’t just walk it, he performed a one-leg balance and a couple of two-step jumps. Then, coming back, he wowed the audience and judges alike by tackling the wire on a unicycle!
Score – 29

Luke had been disappointed by his performance last week, which was hampered due to injury, and so was hoping to imrpove this week. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very happy on the Russian Bar. His first backwards somersault wasn’t too bad and he landed quite well, but came off the bar after his forward somersault. He then performed a blindfolded backwards somersault, but again, fumbled the landing and looked like he’d hurt himself a bit in a very delicate place!
Score – 18

Isabella managed tomake her way shakily across the High Wire, but her usual radiant smile was absent – usually fearless, she looked terrified. Her return journey wasn’t easy – she came out part way, then climbed onto the shoulders of a professional wire walker, but with her legs bent, she looked like she was being held up by the safety lunge. She then attempted to jump fromhis shoulders onto the wire, but she wasn’t confident and was only kept on by the lunge. A brave performance, but nowhere near her usual standard.
Score – 16

The old disciplines
Antonia returned to the ring and gave a dazzling performance with the Fire Poi. This was her discipline the very first week, but it was very obvious just how much she’d improved, giving a wide range of tricks including a buzz saw, a butterfly and an advanced neck wrap. She was fluid, precise and confident.
Score – 22

Stacey returned to the air once more in the Aerial Hoop and managed to squeeze in no fewer than 5 moves hanging upside down from the hoop while it was being raised in the air! Several impressive poses including a candlestick, a layout and a front balance, all with smooth transitions, led to a final 1-leg hock from the top of the hoop moving into a back balance. She showed superb control and agility.
Score – 28

Luke returned to give a great performance with the Fire Poi, moving from one trick to the next with great applomb, showing excellent interaction with the audience and using all the available space and all at a very rapid pace.
Score – 24

Golden-boy Kyal wasn’t happy about having to perform on the Aerial Hoop, which is predominently a female discipline, but he gave a very powerful and masculine performance including a move he’d invented himself and named Charlotte’s Web (after his girlfriend, aww!), a stand-out and a daring tow hang. He then finished with a swinging inverted move.
Score – 28

Isabella finished the show with a discipline she’d been dreading – the Fire Poi. This was her first floor discipline and her lack of co-ordination made for a poor performance, and the disappointment showed in her face.
Score – 12

Total Scores:
Kyal – 57
Stacey – 45
Antonia – 43
Luke – 42
Isabella – 28

The bottom two and elimination:
Luke and Isabella had the lowest scores after the public had finished their phone vote, but it was Isabella who was sent packing after two lacklustre performances this evening and Luke returned to his fellow contestants to perform aother week.

My prediction for the last two weeks:
I think Antonia will be voted out in the Semi Final and I think she will be relieved too – the Wheel of Death (the apparatus for the Final) is pretty scary and it will take nerves of steel to get up there. Kyal, Luke and Stacey all have what it takes,, but I think Antonia’s fear of heights, which has been dogging her throughout the show, would get the better of her if she had to face it.

In the end, I think it will come down to Kyal and Stacey on the big night, and Kyal will walk away with the title.

Of course, it could all turn out very differently, but that’s how I suspect it will go…




Viewing Times:
Sunday @ 7:30pm on Sky One (LIVE!)
Saturday @ 4:30pm on Sky One (repeat)

The Host:
Jenni Falconer

The Judges:

Louie Spence
Phillip Gandey
Gabby Roslin

The Contestants:
Dwain Chambers
Hannah Waterman
Princess Tamara
Emily Scott
Ritchie Neville
Shane Lynch
Dean Holdsworth
Luke Bailey
Antonia Okonma
Stacey Cadman
Kyal Marsh
Lady Isabella Hervey
Liam McGough
Rebecca Loos

Week 1 – Fire Poi, Corde Lisse and Static Trapese

Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and Princess Taqmara
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth was eliminated, but there was a problem with the phone voting, so he was brought back – nobody had to leave the first week.

Week 2 – Bunjee, Double Trapese and Roller Roller
Bottom two: Dwain Chambers and Lady Isabella Hervey
Eliminated: Dwain Chambers was eliminated.

Week 3 – Bunjee, Unicycle, Aerial Hoop and Floor Cube
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Hannah Waterman
Eliminated:Hannah Waterman
Injuries: Ritchie Neville was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 4 – Foot Juggling, Cloud Swing and Floor / Aerial Perch
Bottom three: Lady Isabella, Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Eliminated: Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Surprises: A double elimination was announced, much to the shock of the contenders!

Week 5 – Swinging Trapeze and Silks
Bottom two: Antonia Okonma and Ritchie Neville
Eliminated: Ritchie Neville
Injuries: Shane Lynch was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 6 – Russian Swing and Aerial Cube
Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and and Kyal Marsh
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth
Injuries: Shane Lynch also left the show due to injury (2 consecutive weeks off due to injury means automatic disqualification)
Surprises: Liam McGough, an ex-Big Brother housemate, and Rebecca Loos joined the show (performing on the Corde Lisse) due to Shane Lynch quitting . The public will vote to see if they want Liam or Rebecca back in week 7. This was the first week that the judges scored the performances.
Scores given by judges:
Luke – 27
Isabella – 26
Antonia – 21
Stacey – 19
Kyal – 18
Dean – 16

Week 7 – Advanced Corde Lisse and Aerial Straps
Bottom two: Liam McGough and Lady Isabella
Injuries:Luke injured his hand and leg, but performed anyway.
Surprises: Liam beat Rebecca in the public vote to join the circus.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 30
Stacey – 25
Antonia – 23
Isabella – 20
Luke – 19
Liam – 16

Week 8 – High Wire, Russian Bar, Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop
Bottom two:Luke Bailey and Lady Isabella Hervey
Surprises: Each contestant had to perform two disciplines – one new (High Wire or Russian Bar) and one an advanced routine on a formerly shown discipline (Fire Poi and Aerial Hoop), although not necessarily one they’d already performed.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 29 + 28 = 57
Stacey – 17 + 28 = 45
Antonia – 21 + 22 = 43
Luke – 18 + 24 = 42
Isabella – 16 + 12 = 28


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