Cirque de Celebrité II

November 18, 2007 at 11:01 pm (Music, Film and Television) (, )

Cirque de Celebrité II

I don’t watch much TV, especially reality-type shows that involve celebrities, but this one has me hooked! I watched Cirque de Celebrite last year but this second season is proving even better!

Wow! What a stunning show tonight! Here’s mmy quick rundown for those who missed it:

Liam won the public vote and stayed to perform (Rebecca didn’t get to perform her routine, which made me perversely glad, because I don’t like her at all!).

The Performances
Isabella opened the show with an advanced routine on the Corde Lisse, starting by climbing up to the performance height of 8 metres above the ground. Her transitions were a little clunky at times, but her lines for the bow and arrow were beautiful and her drop was scary!
Score – 20

Stacey followed, again on the Corde Lisse and climed up part way before the rope was elevated. Her transitions were fluid and her inverted spinning drop was jaw-dropping, but she got tangled in the rope at the end and didn’t complete the move as a consequence.
Score – 25

Luke performed on the Corde Lisse despite having two injuries to the leg and hand (both essential for the Codre, as there are no harnesses and no safety net!). As a result, he had to change his routine yesterday, so it wasn’t so dynamic as it might have been (and would have been judging from his performance last week on the Russian Swing!). He put in a solid performance, however, and was quite graceful.
Score – 19

Antonia was the first to perform on the Aerial Straps and performed a partnered routine with a professional circus performer, with whom she had wonderful eye contact and chemistry. The performace, which ended in a dramatic pose with Antonia hanging upside-down from his foot, was elegant from start to finish.
Score – 23

Liam, who stepped in to fill the vacant slot left by Shane’s departure last week due to injury, put in a solid performance on the Aerial Straps, pointing his toes for some lovely lines, and smiling hs heart out. His spinning crucifix was great, but it was obvious he hadn’t had the hard weeks of training the other contestants had. Still, for only 63 hours of training, hedid very well indeed.
Score – 16

Kyal has been a big contender for the title from the start, but put in a disappointing performance last week. This week, however, he came back with a vengeance on the Aerial Straps, appearing bare-chested (phwaor!) and giving a daring performance that showed skill and strength throughout, including somersaulting UP the straps and then back down again, and ending with a spectacular one-armed handstand whilst flying round the main ring! he was nothing short of stunning!
Score – a perfect 30!

The bottom two and elimination:
After the public cast their phone votes, Liam and, surprisingly, Isabella, were the bottom two and stood before the judges for the final cut. For the first timeever, all three judges were in agreement – Isabella was saved by unanimous decision, and Liam left after just one week in the circus.

So, next week will be the quarter final and should prove to be an exciting show!




Viewing Times:
Sunday @ 7:30pm on Sky One (LIVE!)
Saturday @ 4:30pm on Sky One (repeat)

The Host:
Jenni Falconer

The Judges:

Louie Spence
Phillip Gandey
Gabby Roslin

The Contestants:
Dwain Chambers
Hannah Waterman
Princess Tamara
Emily Scott
Ritchie Neville
Shane Lynch
Dean Holdsworth
Luke Bailey
Antonia Okonma
Stacey Cadman
Kyal Marsh
Lady Isabella Hervey
Liam McGough
Rebecca Loos

Week 1 – Fire Poi, Corde Lisse and Static Trapese

Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and Princess Taqmara
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth was eliminated, but there was a problem with the phone voting, so he was brought back – nobody had to leave the first week.

Week 2 – Bunjee, Double Trapese and Roller Roller
Bottom two: Dwain Chambers and Lady Isabella Hervey
Eliminated: Dwain Chambers was eliminated.

Week 3 – Bunjee, Unicycle, Aerial Hoop and Floor Cube
Bottom two: Luke Bailey and Hannah Waterman
Eliminated:Hannah Waterman
Injuries: Ritchie Neville was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 4 – Foot Juggling, Cloud Swing and Floor / Aerial Perch
Bottom three: Lady Isabella, Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Eliminated: Princess Tamara and Emily Scott
Surprises: A double elimination was announced, much to the shock of the contenders!

Week 5 – Swinging Trapeze and Silks
Bottom two: Antonia Okonma and Ritchie Neville
Eliminated: Ritchie Neville
Injuries: Shane Lynch was unable to perform this week and was therefore exempt from voting and safe from elimination

Week 6 – Russian Swing and Aerial Cube
Bottom two: Dean Holdsworth and and Kyal Marsh
Eliminated: Dean Holdsworth
Injuries: Shane Lynch also left the show due to injury (2 consecutive weeks off due to injury means automatic disqualification)
Surprises: Liam McGough, an ex-Big Brother housemate, and Rebecca Loos joined the show (performing on the Corde Lisse) due to Shane Lynch quitting . The public will vote to see if they want Liam or Rebecca back in week 7. This was the first week that the judges scored the performances.
Scores given by judges:
Luke – 27
Isabella – 26
Antonia – 21
Stacey – 19
Kyal – 18
Dean – 16

Week 7 – Advanced Corde Lisse and Aerial Straps
Bottom two: Liam McGough and Lady Isabella
Injuries:Luke injured his hand and leg, but performed anyway.
Surprises: Liam beat Rebecca in the public vote to join the circus.
Scores given by judges:
Kyal – 30
Stacey – 25
Antonia – 23
Isabella – 20
Luke – 19
Liam – 16


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  1. Sandy said,

    The only show I watch is Bravo’s Project Runway. I don’t like it for the fashion so much as the artistic point of views…they just started season 4! The only bad thing is sometimes it seems they find the weirdest meanest people to be on there. LOL

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