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November 6, 2007 at 9:36 pm (Life gets in the way...) (, , , )

Teeline alphabet

I’m very fortunate this week in that I’m on holiday from work, and so my day didn’t feel as long as it might ordinarily have done if I’d been in the office all day, followed by my evening class in Teeline. Instead, I was able to amble into town at my own pace (after having a very late lunch at about 4-o-clock) and meet my colleagues at the college.

After my picking up last week’s lessons quite easily, I was expecting this week to be a little tougher – and it was! Not only did we cover the second half of the alphabet, but we also covered indicator vowels (shortened versions of full vowels), compound consonants (sh, ch, th and wh), and also something called “special outlines”.

“What are special outlines?” I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you. Special outlines are single shapes that are used to indicate an entire word or phrase. For example, the full vowel shape for “A” can also mean “able” or “able to”, as well as “after” and “ability” depending on the context of the shape within a sentence. The full vowel shape for “I” can mean “I”, “eye” or “intelligent”. The shape for “V” can mean “very”, “versus” or “have”, and if it’s written below the line, it’s “evidence”, whereas when it’s above the line (not touching it), it means “above”.

So, you can see how it can be complicated!

My homework this week is to practice for 20 minutes every day so that at next week’s class I can read and write, without hesitation, the entire alphabet (the indicator and full versions of the vowel included), the compound consonants and the special shapes. once again I have flash cards which I will hand over to my hubby so that he can test me over and over again till it’s drilled into me (which could take some time because I have the world’s worst memory!).

And I must remember to complete my Student Learning Journal so the lecturer knows I’ve been doing my homework (Gods, I feel like such a goody-goody thinking about all this – next thing will be everyone calling me “teacher’s pet” like we’re back at school again!).

It makes me all the more glad that I have this week to myself to  give myself extra time to practice!


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