Shameless Plug for Karma by Holly A. Harvey

October 26, 2007 at 8:32 pm (Books and Authors, Shameless Plugs) (, , , )

Karma by Holly A. Harvey

It’s not often that I find a new author about whom I get really excited. Sure, every now and then I pick up a book by an author I’ve never before read, but the rest of the world already knows about them and I’ve been late in cottoning on, but it’s unusual for me to find a real undiscovered gem whose praises I can sing.

In this case, I was introduced to a novel by my good friend Suzie, who had decided to take a chance and buy a book written by a fellow member on The Book Club Forum. The novel is Karma, the author is Holly A. Harvey, and I was blown away.

Initially, the reasons I agreed to give it a try were that Suzie enjoyed it and the author is from the same area I spent my childhood years, but I wasn’t expecting to almost snort coffee out of my nose whilst reading the first page.

Yes, you read that right – I actually had to fight to keep the coffee in my mouth, where it was supposed to be, as opposed to be forced out my nostrils by my trying to contain my laughter. And once I’d swallowed, I stopped trying to keep it in and laughed out loud.

I’m sure my colleagues thought I was having some kind of hysterical fit, but it’s rare for me to identify with a lead character from the first few sentences and find the prose laugh-out-loud funny.

And on top of the book being an excellent read, the author is a really lovely person too – friendly, funny, sunny and intelligent, with a sparkling wit that shines through. So, I decided she warrants a little plug from someone who enjoyed her book immensely and can barely wait for her next one.

When can we expect another offering to tickle our funny bones, Holly?

If you’d like to read my review of Karma by Holly A. Harvey, you can find it HERE.

For more information on Holly A. Harvey, visit her website HERE.


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